My Three 2010 Must-Do’s

Close a really important project at work
Things haven’t been so good at work recently. I would like to close the year off on a positive note and not keep the sour taste of escalations and nasty emails for too long. January is fast approaching and I would like to start things off on a brighter aspect.

Recover from this nasty bout of sinusitis & mouth ulcer
As if getting sinus problems, coughing and flem infection wasn’t enough, now I have a mouth ulcer and a slightly sore throat! Talk about a run of bad luck. This is ridiculous! I want to recover quickly and get into party mode. There is a party on the 18th, a Christmas party on the 25th and ofcourse New Year’s EVE! Yippee. So get better soon bucko!

Get a new job
For the sake of my sanity, I must find a new job. I just have to. Otherwise I might go mad and shoot someone. Or some people. I might just kill.

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