Naming Your First Born

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beneath still waters dvd A friend at work has just come to the office after a week following the delivery of his first child. He got married less than 2 years ago, a couple of months after we both joined the then ‘new’ Cochin branch of our current company. I wasn’t able to attend his wedding but I’ve met his wife briefly once. I’m happy for him and his family.

Now comes the question on giving his kid a name. It’s a girl, so we’re obviously looking at something feminine here. He is stuck for a name and has asked his friends at the office to pitch in and suggest good names.

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I like the idea of combining the names of the parents and creating an alltogether new name for the baby. I first knew about this back in 2002, when a colleague in Calicut named Prashanth told me about how he came up with a name for his son. His wife’s name is Anupama and so they named their kid Anushanth. Cool name. So I thought that I’ll suggest that to my friend here.

His name is Alex and his wife is Darly. Alrly doesn’t sound like a name, so I suggested ‘Darlex’! Damn, it sounds like a medicine you take for constipation. ‘Hey honey, the kid is not pooping, give him some Darlex’!

At this moment, Alex is still looking out for a good name for his daughter. Any suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “Naming Your First Born

  1. Aww sweetie. I was going to use Meleah for my daughter’s name! Well, since making babies aren’t in the horizon at the moment for me, I’ll suggest it to him.

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