Nasty Cold Almost Gone

The last couple of days have been a pain in the ass……both literally and figuratively! I hurt my buttĀ  (well more like lower back) by falling asleep on a hard object most likely my inhaler because that has happened before. Thursday was fine but since Friday my ass has been hurting!

Thursday I was on leave and in the evening I was attending an impromptu birthday party for my cousin who was turning 50. We went to the rooftop restaurant in Mercy Estate and the 16 of us were eating and drinking. In the cold evening air and two large cold beers must have contributed and I woke up on Friday morning with a nasty cold. I went to work but was still feeling ill on Saturday morning. I slept most of the day or lay in bed watching some tv and also slept quite a bit.

I feel a bit more better today though the pain in my ass is still there. Today will be more movies and sleep and watching a football match in the evening. Early bed time too.

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