NetBanking Chores

Banking is hard work. Net banking is complicated and long drawn out. I feel like I just went 10 rounds with a professional boxing heavyweight champion and that is just from sitting in my cozy bedroom at my desk and trying to activate something in two of my bank accounts. I wonder what would happen if I actually had to go to both banks in person.

All I wanted was to transfer some money from my bank account (HDFC) to my PayPal account. I haven’t really used PayPal for much other than receiving payment for freelance blogging but now I wanted to make a purchase from ebay for a product that only accepts payments via PayPal. Since it is an international option it is made in dollars and hence Paypal is understandable. Now I’ve only made payments from the Indian ebay website and I purchase that was from the US but it was done with the Indian ebay section and hence it was ok to make a payment via debit card/banking account. I don’t have a credit card yet.

So I called up both HDFC’s and ebay’s helpline to guide me through the process and now have to wait 4 hours or so for the process to be activated. But it was a chore to do so and also in between the process the power went out which stopped my internet and I had to wait for that to come back before proceeding. Bah! it’s still easier than going there in person.

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