Never One Thing Or One Incident

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.

It was never one thing or one incident that made me open my eyes and my mind  and call myself an atheist. I remember I was 13 when I started question the existence of gods (as my family is Hindu). I couldn’t believe that such things actually sat in heaven and ruled over the destinies of mankind by interacting with them from time to time. I’d say that although I stopped believing in gods or god (the Abrahamic concept of god is even more laughable) at the age of 13, I didn’t even know the meaning of the word atheist and so I didn’t call myself that. I just stated to people that I didn’t believe.

Although I wanted to. At one point I thought of genies and how cool it would be if I found 1 or several genies and they all had to grant me wishes (because that’s basically what praying is all about, you want something for either you or people you love). I was more of an agnostic at that age and it took me to the age of 19 to fully comprehend and understand what an atheist is (I had no books, fellow atheists and remember no internet to help guide me through this process). I battled it out as to what I was or what I believed  in. Some people were mean to me personally when I said that I couldn’t believe in a god or gods; nowadays I would laugh at the kind of comments people said (my age or older). Also as I pointed out to a few of my friends; even if I was wrong and such a creature called god existed, why the hell would people want to worship it? By all standards, it or they were unworthy or worship and love that was being bestowed upon by humans who believed.

So now, so many years later I am extremely comfortable with the label of “atheist”. Because it just means “one who does not believe in a god or gods”. The people who believe that there is some extra baggage that comes with the label are really stupid or ignorant or pretending or, worse, manipulated by their religion. I don’t claim to know anything for certain but I don’t have to – first the proof of a god or gods have to clear for everyone. And which god or gods! Then we shall talk about whether the fucker or fuckers are worthy of worship. So come up with the proof, until then – have a nice day! Besides, it important as to how you behave, how you treat other humans and animals and how you live your life without harming others and trying to get along with as many people as you can that matters! Not how much you “mentally masturbated”!

Oh and PS – if you think you can comment and “show me” the proof, I’ve heard all of them before and no it’s not proof of anything!

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