New Shoes, Haircut, DVDs, Drinks

As stated yesterday, I hadn’t been out for a day of fun in about a month. That has to rectified and so I went out today. First I had to buy a new pair of shoes. I pretty much wear my shoes out in less than a year as the areas near my office and my apartment have bad roads and it’s hard on my soles. Anyways, there’s a nice, small shoe shop @ Kacheripady junction on the turn to M G Road called Nibas and that’s where I got a nice black pair. Now, I have to say this – cause I’m a guy I was in the shop for less than 5 minutes! I asked for a black pair of laceless shoes with a raised heel and they found one for me in 3 minutes. I put it on, asked them to throw out my old pair that I had worn to the shop and then paid them. 5 minutes! I’d like to see a woman come close to doing that :)

That done, it was time for some coffee and so on I was off to Barista cafe and read a novel for sometime while I had a Barista carmello and a smoked chicken sandwich. It soon got way too crowded for me and I left much before I was expecting to. I went across the road to Penta Menaka and checked out the latest dvds that the guys at Cinema Paradiso had and selected three. The selections are getting a bit slim these days. Lots of movies which I haven’t heard of, with unknown actors and plots that wouldn’t tax a 3 year old’s brain.

It was quite hot there as they had a power failure and no ac or fan switched on. I made my way to the barber shop that I usually go to and got my hair cut. It had been getting kinda long, curling at the back and covering the top of my ears and at times sticking out at weird angles. So chop, chop, chop and whoa – that’s a lot of hair that’s lying on the sheet and the floor, Mr. Barberman.

By now, it was time for some drinks and so off I went to Velocity Bar and had a few vodkas + sprite with a little light lunch. It was darker than usual in the bar, so much that I had to use the glow from my cell phone to read the menu. And there were a bunch of noisy buggers on my right on two tables and another 6 or 8 buggers towards the other end of the bar.

I left in about 2 hours. And what was weird was that the bar had playing on their tv – Animal Planet! Okay, I know that some of your patrons do act like chimps in heat when they drink a few but what the fuck!

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