No Trust In Wenger

Eighty-eight per cent of Arsenal Supporters Trust (AST) members who responded to a survey say they do not support Arsene Wenger remaining in charge of the club beyond the end of the season. Why the fuck is he still here? The Arsenal board are a bunch of spineless and ball-less men who have their heads up their asses. They should get rid of Arsene right now! Now! Immediately and dump him on his ass.

FURIOUS Arsenal stars are stabbing each other in the back over the clubā€™s dreadful run of form. The blame game in theĀ ArsenalĀ dressing room began after Brighton condemned them to a fourth successive defeat. Arsenal have no hope of finishing in the top four of the Premier League and face a tough Europa League clash with Milan on Thursday. Wenger is under massive pressure at Arsenal, but remains hopeful he can still get back into the Champions League if they can go all the way in the Europa. There is zero chance of that happening.

This team has no leaders and is desperate of having a voice in the squad. Sell Xhaka, Bellerin, Cech, Mustafi, Welbeck, fucking Iwobi and well Mertesacker is retiring so that’s ok. Sell, sell or trade away and bring in better players.

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