Ode To The 2 Days Off From Work

I can’t wait for tomorrow evening. As a person among millions in India and, I’m sure, many other parts of Asia who has to work 6 days a week, a 2 day weekend is a luxury to be treasured. That’s why I look forward to 6 pm tomorrow when I plan to leave the office and I only have to be back to work on Tuesday. Since, ofcourse, the 26th of January (Monday) is Indian Republic day and we get an off from our deary work life.

So for a person who is as of yet still waiting for his promotion hike, yet working equivalent or more of the position he has been promoted to for soon to be 7 months, a few things like this make it easier to bear the usual mind-numbing pressure. It is something that I have been looking forward to since January 2nd when the official holiday list was published for the year in our company.

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So what do I want to do during those two days – coffee, reading, coffee, a movie or two, coffee, some beer or vodka, music, coffee, sleep and….oh some coffee.

3 thoughts on “Ode To The 2 Days Off From Work

  1. I do hope you enjoy your days off. My fiancé works 6 days a week, and he always thinks it’s magical to have two days off in a row. Especially that first day, when he thinks “back to work… oh wait, I have TOMORROW off too!”

    ~ Kristi

  2. I can’t believe they work you guys so hard in India… you should move to France, they work like 30 hours a week for full pay and have 6 weeks mandatory holiday each year by law! LOL

    It’s my birthday Monday – how cool is that! Hope you celebrate it well with your day off, ha ha!

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