Of Arranged Marriages & Old Women

My dad & mom went to the engagement of a second cousin of mine, one I have never met. Therefor I had no interest to go to attend it but they have an obligation to go, so they went. The engagement of this second cousin is arranged, so arranged that she has never met the guy face to face! She spoke to him and has interacted with him through webcam and otherwise never seen him! I find this incredible – arranged marriages goes hi-tech in this digital age! I wanna puke!

But the event brought some pleasant memories to the forefront. My mother got to meet an old school friend, who is also a distant relative, after a huge gap of 40 years! 40 Years! My mom last met her friend when they were both 18 at this friend’s wedding! My mom has never seen her since then as she & her family live in another state and rarely come down here. 40 years; I guess it brings a new meaning to ‘catching up’! Sheesh! My mom was quite happy to meet her friend, since they were very close at one time.

Also she happened to mention that she meet another cousin of hers, one I am very fond of but who I rarely meet. This cousin, my aunt, is nearly 80. Her mother, my grandmother’s elder sister, is now 96! 96 years old. My mom says that the two of them, mother & daughter had a conversation a few days back. Her mom asked her daughter what was for dinner? And my aunt replied “Can you give me a break, mom? I’m 80 and I I think someone should make me dinner rather than me going and making something. I think that I deserve it.”

Mother & daughter had a good old laugh about that one! :)

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