On Buying & Collecting Stuff

mindbump suggested by Altered Words“Sheryl Crow sings that “It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.” Do you derive happiness from shiny new things, or do you cherish the items you already own? Explain. “

I don’t see what’s the big deal in wanting new things or buying new stuff. I don’t want useless things but I like stuff that means a lot to me and keep a collection of some of things that mean the most. Things that I might use on a regular basis or even once in a while. The only things I can think of collecting at this moment are dvds/blurays, books, music cds, Star Trek spaceship models and character sets from other such scifi shows.

At the same time I do appreciate the things I have. I treasure them and hope that they don’t get damaged or too dirty. I should probably take better care of the stuff that I have. I don’t have much so I should keep them clean and neat but not enough. I have no issues with people buying things that give them happiness. I have a limit on certain things. Like shoes – how many pairs could you possibly want to get? But collectible things that aren’t too expensive and cost more decent rates, that’s ok.

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