On Silence

It kind of depends on the situation doesn’t it. If you are alone and there’s no unusual sounds or sights that make you feel a bit like you are in a Stephen King novel, then the silence is expected and you are grateful for it. I was alone at home for more than 36 hours during the last weekend and it was quite and peaceful and the only sounds were from my laptop and the tv whenever I did put the latter on. On occasion a little sound will distract me, like the sound of a newspaper falling to the ground in the breeze or maybe a plastic bag.

Funny how sometimes little noises can startle you. I heard a “shsss, shsss” like something scratching on a screen or glass. When I investigated it turned out to be a house lizard that had crawled into an empty plastic bag and was making the noise as it dragged on it. Or a metal on metal “clink” sound and I just know that it’s because a crow has landed on and perched on the balcony railing. Noises like that can startle you if you do know what they are but if you are expecting something like that, then it’s normal. You shrug it off and get some more coffee.

I hate it when the power goes off and it’s all silent. It’s all too dark and no sounds make it very creepy. That’s when silence makes me uncomfortable. Cause you just know that all that silence and a sudden loud noise or even an average noise level one can scare the shit outta you. And in the dark you imagine some demon or werewolf lunging at you with fangs & nails ready for the kill. And it’s hungry for some macho Indian male meat!

So anyway I usually don’t mind the silence as long as I know what’s going on.

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