Once Again Hospitalized And Back!

Well it happened again. The gap of a few days between blog posts usually will mean that I was ill and hospitalized. The reason is severe cramps for which it seems I have no possible cure that I can look forward to. An infection can trigger it. And apparently I had a massive infection just like last year in October. It has been very dusty at the office and for a few days I have been sneezing quite a lot, culminating on this past Tuesday.

Tuesday night or I should say that it was in the early hours of Wednesday morning, I came home and as I was getting out of the cab, I felt a slight pain and cramp on my left foot. It slowly build up as I got up to my apartment to find my sister, brother in law there with my dad & mom. I told them about it so I took a painkiller and then tried to go to sleep. My sister stayed back just in case and within an hour the pain started shooting up again on both legs and we had to call an ambulance. With much pain I managed to get in and they took me to the hospital.

I had painkillers given to me as well as a drip but I had to stand for almost 4 hours until the pain eased and I could walk to a ward. There were no rooms available so I lay on the bed after sitting up for a while, with my sister as my bystander. After 2 days they had a shared room available so I moved in there. I had a couple of blood tests done, an ultrasound, then a urine test followed by another quick scan. I’ve been given heavy doses of antibiotics and other medicines. Yesterday by mid-morning they said that I could be discharged and by evening I came back home. Now to rest for 3 days before I start work again.

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