Once Again

to kill a mockingbird online Where have I heard this before? It seems that she will never learn. She knows that he is no good for her and yet she goes back after every setback. And I am not sure about the drugs – does she also take it? Is she addicted to just him or the pills that he takes and can easily provide her with? She confessed to me that she only takes sleeping pills and that too very rarely. Each time I speak to her, I am surer & surer that she is on something. I just hope that she doesn’t take it too much. She isn’t strong enough, physically or mentally.

She called me to say that she had gone home to her parents for a few days and that she was then taken to a hospital for about 8 days. When I spoke to her uncle, he confirmed that the doc said that she has some stuff inside her system but that she could recover soon. Her version is that she is alright but that she does not know what happened to her at the hospital. She says that she was blank for 8 days and that she finally had to get herself discharged from there and came back to the hostel that she was staying in.

I don’t know where this is all going to lead. She needs to think straight, for herself, and understand the situation. Until that happens, I don’t think she can get any normalcy in her life. And I’m not sure she can make it to her 30th birthday (3 years away) if she doesn’t get rid of that asshole she married.

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