One Million Dollars Would Mean The Retired Life For Me

What would you do if someone gave you one million dollars?

I million US dollars is Rs. 797,12,400.00 or seventy-nine million seven hundred twelve thousand four rupees and I will be immensely wealthy. I would first of all quit my job, without notice period, and tell everyone that I am now officially retired. Then I will see what all needs to be paid off, like my credit cards.

Then I will buy two brand new luxury apartments – one for my parents and 1 for me. Oh yeah, one for my sister and her family. Then I will buy a couple of expensive cars. Latest gadgets and toys in electronics. Give a few new phones and laptops to my relatives as well.  Next order some clothes and upgrade my wardrobe, buy a few upgrades for the home in appliances – tv, fridge, coffee maker & other kitchen stuff and then invite everyone for some booze and great food.

After that it is easy living and peaceful. Get a couple of dogs and cats and live a quiet life with no more needs in terms of financial ways and just enjoy the rest of my life. And I will enjoy my days with movies & tv shows and music and lots of pretty girls.

Prompt from SEPTEMBER BLOG AND JOURNAL PROMPTS at Living A Sunshine Life

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