Over A Week In Isolation

Well, today will be 9 days since I stepped outside. Officially the lockdown started 6 days ago but yeah. I’ve started to feel the lack of seeing other people’s faces other than just my dad and mom. I go down to the lobby and see the food delivery guys who bring our food order and I talk to them, even it if with face masks on. I wish them well and tell them to stay safe and make sure to thank them for still doing the work that they are doing.

Saturday and today I have done nothing. I have relaxed and slept a lot and watched a couple of movies. Yesterday I drank a beer with some Southern fried chicken that I ordered via Swiggy. I’ve been drinking a large glass of Coke daily as are my parents who also drink lemonade since it is so hot. Today the evening has been much better and dare I say it, there is a light breeze coming in from the open windows.

I shower everyday, infact I try to stay in a lot more than usual since it is hot and by the evening (which is when I usually shower) I am covered in sweat. I have stopped shaving though and growing out my nearly all salt & very little pepper beard. Let’s see how this goes.

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