Packing For A Trip

How do you pack for a trip?
How do I pack for a trip? Well I go on so few of them (3 times in the last few years) that I am not used to it. But hey, how hard can it be right?

I usually get my bag or suitcase, whichever it may be, open on my bed. Then I start putting things in it. Pants go right to the bottom. Then shirts, undershirts and underwear. Socks, handkerchiefs on top of that. I usually keep my lungis (coloured dhotis) on top of them. I usually have bags or suitcases that have a separate section on the top side / lid. That’s where I would keep things like medicines, toiletries, shaving set and stuff.

I usually will have a carry on or laptop bag where my laptop, phone charger and anything else can be stuffed into. Some additional cash to be used in an emergency. Maybe a novel or two.

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