Aliens (1986)

Aliens is a 1986 science fiction action film written and directed by James Cameron. It is the sequel to the 1979 science fiction horror film Alien, and the second film in the Alien franchise. Set in the far future, the film stars Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, the sole survivor of an alien attack on her ship. When communications are lost with a human colony on the moon on which her crew first encountered the alien creatures, Ripley agrees to return to the site with a unit of Colonial Marines to investigate. Aliens features Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen, and Carrie Henn in supporting roles.

Aliens is now considered to be among the greatest films of the 1980s, and among the best science fiction, action, and sequel films ever made, arguably equal to (or better than) Alien. The film is credited with expanding the franchise’s scope with additions to the series’ lore and factions such as the Colonial Marines. With its effect on popular culture and fan following, Aliens has inspired a variety of merchandise which includes video games, comic books, and toys. The film was followed by two sequels â€“ Alien 3 (1992) and Alien Resurrection (1997), neither of which were as successful, as well as the prequels,  Prometheus  (2012) and Alien: Covenant (2017). A standalone film in the Alien series is in development as of 2022.

Brentford 0 Arsenal 3

Arsenal’s Ethan Nwaneri became the youngest ever Premier League player aged 15 years and 181 days as the Gunners defeated Brentford to return to the top of the table. Mikel Arteta sent on the schoolboy midfielder in the closing moments with his side leading 3-0. Arsenal’s travelling fans greeted Nwaneri’s appearance by singing: “He’s going to school in the morning.” William Saliba set Arsenal on their way to a sixth win in seven top-flight games this season after the France defender climbed high to head Bukayo Saka’s corner in off the post.

It was 2-0 inside the opening half an hour as Brazil forward Jesus, a ÂŁ45m signing from Manchester City in July, headed Granit Xhaka’s measured chip past David Raya. Portuguese midfielder Fabio Vieira capped a dominant Arsenal display by marking his first Premier League start since joining from Porto with a goal from 25 yards. Brentford were unbeaten in their previous three games and could have climbed to fifth in the table with a win, but they rarely threatened as forward Ivan Toney, who has been called up by England for the first time, struggled for service.

Arsenal had started the weekend top of the table but dropped to third after Manchester City and Tottenham won on Saturday. Arsenal were bullied in the corresponding fixture last season and tamely went down 2-0 against newly promoted Brentford on the opening day of the 2021-22 campaign. After that game, Brentford striker Toney made a slight dig at the Gunners by tweeting ‘nice kick about with the boys’, something Arsenal defender Gabriel was quick to revisit after Sunday’s win. This win, however, put the Gunners on 18 points, one more than their nearest rivals before their next match against Spurs in the north London derby at Emirates Stadium on 1 October.

Is world peace possible? Why or why not?

Certainly doesn’t look like it at this moment. At the rate we are going, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we end up in another World War within the next 3-5 years. And the results will probably be catastrophic. The immature human race will need to be taught a lesson and that lesson, ladies & gents, is gonna be a very painful, terrible and sad one.

We will probably have to hit rock bottom before waking up en mass and realizing that they are just on the path to annihilating themselves to oblivion. In the fictional future that I have created in my head we have one or two more global wars that will see a lot of death & destruction and possibly with a huge chuck of the population wiped out and perhaps even a whole country or two! And in the aftermath the human race will wake up. The horror & shock of seeing the damage caused will awaken the senses of humanity and finally the first steps towards finding a permanent solution will take place.

I think it will take something like that for us to truly wake up and realize thee futility of man killing man. Once the damages are cleaned up and the healing can begin, then hopefully humans will realize that we shouldn’t be fighting with each other. The safety, security and well being of every individual will have to be top priority. Religious differences, border disputes, monetary affairs – all these will have to be set aside and chucked away. The focus will have to be shelter, proper food & water, healthcare, education – those kind of things. No more sick, no more hungry or homeless and no one dies of pain.

Then we can think of world peace which will come naturally. When everyone human sees their fellow human being as a friend or neighbour to be honoured and loved then and only then will be truly advance as a race.  World peace is not impossible but highly improbable now. It will take a lot, with everyone contributing to make it happen and we’re no where near that level of maturity yet.

Prompt from 30 Thoughtful September Writing Prompts (List #1) at Journal Buddies

MomoMia – Pizza Hut’s Chicken Momo Pizza


Once in a while even the big brands of fast food deliver a real winner. Pizza Hut India gave food lovers a lifetime of happiness as they will not have to choose between pizzas or momos, ever again. The brand launched India’s first ever Momo Pizza called ‘Momo Mia’, an epic fusion of two beloved dishes offering the best of both worlds back in October of 2021. Pizza Hut’s signature, pan pizza has been topped with spicy schezwan sauce and has juicy street-style momos in its crust. You can choose between the veg or chicken options.

Momo Mia Pizza’s vegetarian variant has a delightfully crunchy pan pizza base, with toppings of capsicum, onion and sweet corn, encircled by mouth-watering mixed vegetable & paneer momos. The non-vegetarian variant comes with capsicum, onion and schezwan chicken meatball toppings, with succulent chicken momos around the edges. Pizza Hut has created a unique sauce recipe for the Momo Mia Pizza with the much-loved flavours of spicy schezwan, which is generously spread on the base along with 100% mozzarella cheese. Customers can also order a special spicy schezwan dipping sauce with the Momo Mia Pizzas at just Rs. 20 for an added burst of flavour.

Today is the only second time I am trying the Momomia pizza, chicken. I haven’t yet tried the veggie one. I had it once in October of last year and felt an inkling for it this evening,hence I ordered one. I really love the kick of the schezwan sauce on the pizza with the chicken balls and chicken filled momos. A big winner from Pizza Hut.

Three Common Misconceptions About Your Niche.

Name three common misconceptions about your niche.

  1. That customer care call or chat support is an easy job. Not true. Big companies like to outsource their customer care to a BPO because a) they struggle to do it themselves b) it’s cheaper and c) they can concentrate on their core work. Also they cannot do it as well as BPO employees can, as we specialize in it.
  2. The people who work in a call center/BPO are all young folks between the ages of 21 to 26 and are all having fun, chatting up a storm in between chats or calls, lots of dating, lots of fun stuff going on and basically there is a lot of laughter and games being played at all times. Hardly the case! At times the associates are pressurized a lot to handle all the calls or chats and they get just an hour of break and have to work hard for 8 hours.
  3. Then there is the racist comments that some natives of English speaking countries have – oh I get an Indian or Pakistani for tech support who can’t speak English or their accent is funny or too thick. Or they say that the customer support staff is an idiot. Well that’s one thing you have in common with the non-English as a first language employee on the other end of the phone. He/she also assumes that YOU – dear customer – is an idiot!


5 Easy Game Time Snacks.

Everyone gets munchies watching football games. When you wanna have a couple of friends over to watch your favourite English or Spanish or Italian league football matches, it is inevitable that someone is gonna feel hungry during the game. Plus what fun is watching a game or two on tv with your friends without some good food around. For this list I have not select main course items but just food that I would enjoy while watching a few goals being scored.

Quesadillas : What’s so terrific about these quesadillas is everyone can enjoy them no matter their age. The inside is oozing with melty cheese while you pick your favorite variation of either veggies, chicken, or beef.

Buffalo Chicken Wings : A game day without chicken wings is blasphemy. So if you don’t want to hear about not serving it for years to come, I highly suggest you opt for this recipe. You’ll take frozen chicken wings and turn them into a succulent masterpiece. All you need is some spices, Frank’s red hot, and a wings. The smell of this cooking will have everyone’s mouth watering before they even feast their eyes on these juicy wings.

Mozzarella Sticks : Got some non-meat eaters in the bunch? Mozzarella sticks are a surefire winner.  Crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, these mozzarella sticks are impossible to resist. While the recipe isn’t complicated, you will need to freeze the cheese for a couple of hours, so keep that in mind.

Nachos : These slamming nachos come fully loaded with the works. I’m talking shredded cheese, refried beans, beef, and jalapenos. It’s a foolproof recipe that’s just about as effortless as it gets. Simply load up all your ingredients on a sheet pan and bake. What’s so great is you can adapt this recipe to the taste preferences of your crowd. Vegan, vegetarian, or meat-eater, there are numerous ways to fix up this quick recipe.

Popcorn Chicken : Popcorn chicken is the perfect recipe for snacking. Panko breadcrumbs give them a crunchy exterior while the inside is nothing but juicy chicken. I think a blue cheese or buffalo sauce will make a great addition for dipping. However, your guests will have no problem finishing off a basket of these on their own.

So It’s National Double Cheeseburger Day!

America seems to have so many days dedicated to something or the other, including a lot for food. So they have a National Cheeseburger day, which I was aware of, but I was today year’s old when I found out that they also have a National Double Cheeseburger Day? And that is today, September 15. Who came up with the double cheeseburger – no one actually knows.

A hamburger simply consisted of meat, bread, and some toppings. It was then in 1926, where Lionel Sternberger created a cheeseburger in Pasadena, California when he decided to slap a slice of American cheese on it to see what comes out of it. Since then the cheeseburger is one of the most popular food items across the world. But then someone did it twice without adding more bread.

Years later in 1937, Bob’s Big Boy is said to have created the first double cheeseburger. That double cheeseburger had another bun in the middle of it so it sort of resembled the Big Mac from McDonald’s. Nevertheless, they are still credited for making the first double cheeseburger. However the actual person remains a mystery.

My ultimate double cheeseburger would be a brioche bun, flavoured mayo, then a slice of lettuce, tomato slices, two quarter pounder beef patties, with cheese slices on each, caramalized onions and mayo on the top bun’s bottom side. For extra omphiness, add a fried egg, bacon & cooked mushroom on the top. Deliciousness at it’s very best!

Old (2021)

Old is a 2021 American thriller film written, directed, and produced by M. Night Shyamalan. It is based on the French-language Swiss graphic novel Sandcastle by Pierre Oscar Levy and Frederik Peeters. The film features an ensemble cast consisting of Gael García Bernal, Vicky Krieps, Rufus Sewell, Alex Wolff,  Thomasin McKenzie, Abbey Lee, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Ken Leung, Eliza Scanlen, Aaron Pierre, Embeth Davidtz, and Emun Elliott. The plot follows a group of people who find themselves aging rapidly on a secluded beach.

Shyamalan decided to adapt Sandcastle into a film after receiving it as a Father’s Day gift in 2017. The then-untitled project was announced in September 2019, with the filmmaker revealing a partnership with Universal Pictures. The following year, filming took place in the Dominican Republic for three months, during the COVID-19 pandemic, with cinematographer Michael Gioulakis. Old premiered at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on July 19, 2021, and was theatrically released in the United States on July 23. The film was a box office success, grossing $90 million worldwide against an $18 million budget while receiving polarized reviews from critics.

Tips To Become Consistent With Your Blog

How do you become consistent with your blog life? The truth about consistency in blogging life.

It’s way too easy to let your blogging routine slide. You most likely began with good intentions to blog every week or every day or whatever you had decided and now you find the calendar empty for several weeks. Consistent blogging is the key to successful blogging. Most successful bloggers are consistent with their blogging. Now even though I know that blogging consistently is a big struggle for A LOT bloggers, there are some tips that you can use to make it more consistent.


Not everyone wants to do daily blogging and multiple posts like me or some other folks. Some people may only want to post a couple of times a week or once a week or every alternate day. Decided on your time table. I have a friend who plans 3 blogs posts a week – Monday, Wednesday & Friday and takes the weekend off for her family & pets. You decide the schedule and then stick to it so your readers also get to see when to expect new posts.


Once your schedule is set then make sure you stick to it. Take some time out each week to plan your posts and prepare bullet points as you go along just so you don’t lose track of what you want it to contain. Actually write that commitment down and put it somewhere you will see often
 then calendarize  it too! Why does making a commitment and writing it down matter so much? Because making a written commitment increases your likelihood of following through by more than 100%.


If you want to blog consistently, and especially if you have very little time to blog, you should never put yourself in a position where you have to spend the first chunk of your precious blogging time working out what to blog about. The best way to make sure you always know exactly what to blog about each week is to create a content calendar. A content calendar does not have to be fancy
 it’s simply a list of what topics you plan to blog about and on which days.


When you are stuck for content a sure shot way to get the juices flowing are blog prompts.


5 Benefits Of Getting A Labrador Retriever For Your Home

Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the world. When I was younger I think in India the Germans Sheppard was the most popular breed but the Lab has overtaken them in the last decade or so. There are numerous reasons for the desire to have one at home, ranging from their friendly nature and outgoing attitude to their willingness to try almost anything.

1. Labrador retrievers are stable, friendly dogs.
Although every breed can have individual dogs develop conditions that can promote instability in their character, mood, and behavioral reactions, Labrador retrievers are generally sweet and happy most of the time. They connect with humans on an emotional level, which is why they are so effective as support dogs. You are almost guaranteed a smile every day when you share your home with one. As long as you don’t mind taking time out of your day to play, whether that’s out in the backyard or out at the beach, then you will have a friend for life.

2. These dogs are exceptionally patient.
Labrador retrievers will put up with almost anything if they think it has the potential to be a good time. They work well with kids because they can put up with the tail pulling, fur yanking, ear grabbing behaviors of young ones without an adverse reaction. Give this breed a bed near your favorite chair or the fireplace, and they will be eternally appreciative of a spot that they can call their own.

These dogs are willing to try new things, invent new games, or horseplay on a quiet afternoon. Their personalities develop into a complementary role with your family, which is why they seem to fit right in all of the time.

3. Labrador retrievers are very easy to train.
This breed is one of the most intelligent dogs that you will find today. They are easily trained because they love to satisfy the needs of their owners. Playing fetch is a necessary skill for anyone who wants to have a Labrador retriever for a friend. Although their smarts can get them into trouble sometimes, especially if they figure out how to open the refrigerator door, it tends to be a better relationship since you are working together in life instead of telling the dog what to do all of the time.

Because they have a strong food motivation, treats are an effective way to get your Labrador retriever to learn new behaviors. You’ll want to be careful about the number that you offer because problems with weight can develop quickly.

4. This breed loves water as much as they love you.
These high-energy dogs love to go for a swim. If there is any water around for them to find, then you are going to have a pup swimming around all day long. Most are well-behaved, which is why a trip to the beach is often the best trip for this breed. A dog park where they can run without a leash and have access to a pool is another great option to consider. Since they have lots of energy, the low-impact exercise of swimming can help to wear them out so that their destructive boredom behaviors don’t come out when you get home.

5. Labrador retrievers are generally healthy dogs.
This breed is generally healthy from an overall perspective. Responsible breeders will screen for issues like hip dysplasia and elbow issues. Heart disorders, muscle weakness, and eye conditions can happen in this breed at times as well. There is also a condition called Exercise Induced Collapse that can happen with some young adults.

Bret Hitman Hart Honoured In Calgary For His Canada Walk Of Fame Induction

The full nickname might not fit on a plaque, but in the professional wrestling world, he’s known as “The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.” He’s also known as “The Excellence of Execution.” And “The Hitman.” On Monday, a special hometown celebration was held in Calgary to celebrate Bret Hart’s latest designation: member of Canada’s Walk of Fame. Born in Calgary, Hart attended Ernest Manning High School and Mount Royal College before joining the family trade. Hart’s father, Stu Hart, is credited as having trained some of the top names in professional wrestling promotions, such as Edge and Chris Jericho.

The younger Hart went on to become one of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time. Now 65, Hart took the podium on Monday at the Victoria Pavilion in Calgary, a site that regularly hosted events for his father’s Stampede Wrestling. He said it would never occur to his five-year-old self, selling wrestling programs in the front of the Victoria Pavilion for Stampede Wrestling shows, that one day he would be recognized in such a way. Canada’s Walk of Fame consists of a series of maple leaf-shaped stars situated along 13 blocks of sidewalks in Toronto. Previous inductees include a variety of Canadian actors, athletes, scientists and others.

Each inductee to the Walk of Fame receives a $10,000 donation to the charity or cause of their choice. As a part of his induction, Hart chose to split the money between the Siksika Nation’s SN7 youth program  and the Water First charity, which is focused on providing access to safe, clean water in Indigenous communities in Canada. Monday’s ceremony also included traditional drumming from Siksika’s Sorrel Rider Drum Group and a blessing from Elder Clement Leather. Calgary singer Kaiya Gamble sang the national anthem and a song dedicated to Hart.

Fun Will Now Cease And Back You Go To The Sombre Reality

How do you feel when going back to work/school after a fun weekend?

Like I have been cheated by bringing me a time of happiness and joy and then bringing everything down when it has to be work again. The problem with having way too much of a good time is that it always ends and you have to go back to reality.

That’s how it has always been right? Unless you are really very rich that you need not work for a living and you can afford to not have to depend on a monthly salary for your day to day life. Then the fun can either not stop or you can just come back home from whatever it was that you were doing for fun and just relax and recoup and plan your next fun activity.

That is what I hope we can achieve. Not have to be tied down to a 9 hour work 5 days a week for money and instead do work that interests you because you enjoy doing it and not because you have to just to make money and feed your family and yourself and keep a roof over your head.

Prompt from SEPTEMBER BLOG AND JOURNAL PROMPTS at Living A Sunshine Life

Three Daily Practises I Just Can’t Do Without!

3 daily practices you can’t do without

1) My morning wash, bathroom stuff, getting my first coffee for the day and then firing up the laptop to get connected online and then checking Facebook, my Gmail inbox and Youtube. This is a must do every morning for me and in order for me to change from a zombie to human, I need this time and these things to happen in that order.

2) My shower which is a sacred time for me. I love to day dream as I take my shower and I love to drip with water for 20 minutes or so everyday. This is almost therapeutic to me and I suppose only a bubble bath will be more relaxing.

3) Same goes for just before I fall asleep. I go to lie down and I watch tv and as I start to drift off I dream about the futuristic world that I have created, of me with my late dog Shawny flying in space in either a starship with me as a young ensign or in a smaller ship with a team of about 8 to 9 other people and some robots and fighting aliens. Or 3rd scenario is me taking my entire family – dad, mom, sister & her family, uncles, aunts, cousins & their kids on a long, long family trip around the galaxy in a large starship for fun and bonding. 

Prompt from September Writing & Blogging Ideas at Soul Filled Life

National Chocolate Milkshake Day

Simple, sweet, and delectable, chocolate milkshakes aren’t just one of the best treats of all time, they’re also a reminder of our innocence and a symbol of summers gone by. Remember back when all you wanted to do on a weekend was get to a cafe that served you French Fries and some cold milkshakes?

A milkshake (sometimes simply called a shake) is a sweet beverage made by blending milk, ice cream, and flavorings or sweeteners such as butterscotch, caramel sauce, chocolate syrup, fruit syrup, or whole fruit into a thick, sweet, cold mixture. It may also be made using a base made from non-dairy products, including plant milks such as almond milk, coconut milk, or soy milk. Milkshakes originated in the United States around the turn of the 20th century, and grew in popularity following the introduction of electric blenders in the subsequent two decades.

It’s a current consensus that the best milkshake you can get in Kochi is from the Thick Shake Factory on MG Road, inside Center Mall, Cold Stone Creamery (Panampilly Nagar & Lulu Mall), Frozen Bottle, Milano, Baskin & Robbins & The Chocolate Room in no particular order. I have had a few good chocolate milkshakes from Caravan, Cocoa Tree etc but I think those are just about ok compared to the newer outlets that concentrate on making the thickest shakes you have ever seen with all sorts of crazy combinations.