Going To The New Office

So today I get to see the company’s brand new two three storied offices in Cochin. About high time too as we were supposed to move into it by March 3rd. Then they said the 8th, then 13th & finally they said that it would be the 18th. But we are going there today for a meeting and will spend about 7 hours there after that, breaking in the new call floor by having the agents take a few calls. I have been looking forward to this for a while now. Cause once the first call comes in, we can take a collective sigh of relief.

Been reading John Grisham’s The King of Torts for a few days now and I am reaching the end. It is a good read and probably one of his best.

I downloaded & installed Veoh’s video software, through which you can download numerous videos, movies and television series of your choice (they have a huge library). I downloaded a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica (the original series) and throughly enjoyed the dvd like quality that Veoh’s software provides, far far better clarity than when you stream them online and twice the pleasure since you can watch them whenever you want them since they are now stored to your own hard disk.

Anyone like Tang? I have been drinking loads of that orangy sweet goodness which when served cold is so heavenly. It does a lot to take away some of the fatigue that spending hours at the stupid temp office has bestowed upon me. I need to go buy a new pack tomorrow.

Song for the day – “Speed Of Light” – JOE SATRIANI

Me in Weeworld

I made this WeeWorld image and am happy because :

  • The hair is just like mine after a couple of hours outside (except I have a high, balding forehead)
  • Glasses are almost exactly like mine
  • It looks cool
  • Coffees are important to me and I am having a cold, orange frappe coffee in this image – which would go down really well at the moment of typing this
  • Music is important to me and just like in the image, I carry some of my fav songs as mp3s in my cell phone
  • The WeeMee is located in a city area where I wish I could live – an apartment near a river

Hitler’s German Citizenship

62 years after his death, Adolf Hitler could have no country to speak of! Hitler had given up his Austrian citizenship in 1925 and became German in 1932. Now politicians want his German citizenship to be stripped in what is being said as a “symbolic step” against the horrors of the Nazis. Isolde Saalmann, a deputy in the State Legislature of Lower Saxony, has convinced her fellow Social Democrats to file motion to review whether Hitler’s citizenship can be revoked.

That ought to teach him! How dare he kill all those poor Jews! How dare he become the most hated man in history! When his dead body become’s stateless, he will regret his evil ways!

Is this a “symbolic gesture” to distance them away from the hated Dictator as they state or just another political scam for publicity? I mean the bugger has been dead for more than 6 decades and NOW someone wants to declare him not German and hence stateless. Will that change anything in history? Will people stop associating Hitler with Germany?

Germany is such a wonderful country. We love her tennis players, her football clubs & players, her cities & towns, her cars, her music (primarily the Scorpions for me) and most importantly – the beer! Are we still thinking about Hitler when we think of Germany or purchase anything German or listen to anything German? NO!

This is all so unnecessary and stupid. What will it achieve in the end? Will suddenly any of the atrocities the Nazi leader committed vanish? Does it bring back the dead? Is a politician(s) trying to further his/her career?

Mornings & Afternoons

I like sitting at home during the mornings and afternoons. It is so calm and peaceful here in the apartment. With the balcony door and as many windows open, there is a lot of cool breeze flowing through and I love it when there is a wind blowing at me. Although there are other people in the building, it feels like I am the only one. The noise of the elevator going up and down is one indication of activities happening here. But still there is almost nothing else to let me know that other people do live here. Even on Sundays! No tv noise and no music blaring during this time. Except for me!

The evenings are another matter all together. There are people running about, bringing stuff from work, grocery & shopping items being tossed and dropped by some, children playing on the stairs. But to tell you the truth, it is still kinda quite over here. I rarely get that living among many families feeling. I could walk up and down naked and no one would know that I was there.

I have had the pleasure of enjoying all day at home yesterday as I had taken a sick leave due to my sinuses flaring up and a bad cold. But it was pretty much ok after a while and hence I got to spend time just drinking in the glorious breeze from the balcony. I enjoyed my morning & afternoon coffees sitting there and watching people down on the streets. I went to the shop near us and bought a couple of snacks to much on as I put some music on and relaxed with my eyes closed.

The evening was so fucking hot by comparison.

Song for the day – “Animals” – NICKELBACK

Battlestar Galactica : Old vs New

I have been a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica ever since I can remember. This is my most happiest childhood memory – watching & discussing the series, which I consider to be the very best to have been shown on television. The show started in the late 1970s as a feature film (Battlestar Galactica : Saga Of A Lost World) and then a short lived series. In 1980 a spinoff of the show was again short lived but still enjoys a huge cult following across the globe. The show(s) is still held dearly by the many fans who pushed for the series to be revived by holding petitions online (me included).

Richard Hatch aka Apollo, one of the main characters of BSG was foremost among them. And it was heard! A new series was made, with the same mystical & mythical name – Battlestar Galactica. A few years ago, I had found some sites that featured the series and felt very nostalgic as I read through the episode stories and downloaded wallpapers, images & the majestic theme song (which I must say is the world’s best theme song ever). I hoped that the series would be revived and that I would be able to see it. Then three years or more ago, I found a dvd of the movie which I bought immediately and I have seen it over 10 times since. But I wanted more. Let me tell you of http://www.alluc.org a website which lets us either download or stream movies & television series for free. And I watched many BSG episodes in the last couple of days. But now to the matter at hand.

The re-imaging of Battlestar Galactica as they call it produced a new series, which is very popular, that is quite different from the original. And as grateful as I am for keeping the dream alive and well, I don’t like it much. I mean I will probably start watching it if they show it from the beginning. I tried watching an episode online but let me tell you that it put me off. There is just too many changes. Starbuck is a girl!!! Boomer is a girl!!! Ok she is a very sexy girl but still! And Cylons are former international models in evening gowns, sun tanning their bodies in beaches! And every picture has them pose in what is termed as sexy poses, with their bosoms all thrusted out! What the fuck! Adama is James Olmos who is a turd! How can you compare him with the late great actor Lorne Greene? Baltar, who was so ominously portrayed as a scheming & un-trustworthy villain by another late actor, John Colicos is now some overacted & second rate British loser. Will Apollo & Starbuck make out?

The scenario for the original series is Humans of the 12, much scientifically advanced, colonies seeking Earth for survival. But the new series shows them much like Earth Humans! I don’t like the changes! Ok, so had I not seen the original, I might have loved this show. And like I stated earlier, I probably will watch it if I can start from the first episode of the first season. But really! The one thing which I think is better is the Colonial Viper. Look below.

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie

Guitar hero to millions, member of a legendary rock band, adored by his numerous fans. He was always known for his boyish looks & ever ready smile for the cameras. Take a look at him now! It looks like Eddie Van Halen wants to audition for the position of Iron Maiden’s mascot who is also known as Eddie! From being known as a visionary in the field of rock guitar & music to being made fun of across numerous websites & tv & radio channels around the globe! Years & years of chain smoking (and cancer) and alcohol abuse can do wonders for your looks. I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley!

It was announced recently that Eddie was entering himself into rehab, for unknown reasons. It is not known if the guitar legend will be able to attend his band’s induction into the Rock n’Roll Hall of Fame.

Song for the day – “Dreams” – VAN HALEN

cadillac records download

Sony Ericsson W300i

I don’t know when but I am looking for a phone to replace my current Motorola V3i and one of the options I am looking at is the above photographed Sony Ericsson W300i. Sony Ericsson has been the front runner in the market for mp3 walkman style cellphones. This one has a built in 20 mb space and memory card support of 256 MB. They are an attractive looking prospect with stylish clamshell designs. The handset will fit into your palm smoothly and you can open it with just one hand. The external display is monochrome with orange backlight colour. Ofcourse you have an mp3 player and radio capability as well (can keep upto 20 Radio Stations in memory). I don’t care much for their camera and I think it is low on quality. So I am not sure but by next month I will be changing my handset.

Sid The Kid Reaches 100


the curious case of benjamin button movie

Sidney Crosby became the youngest player in NHL history to reach the 100 point mark twice, when he scored a goal in the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2 victory over the New York Rangers. Crosby, who only turns 20 in August, has 28 goals and 72 assists in 65 games this season after posting 39 goals and 63 assists for 102 points last year as a rookie. The Coal Harbour, Nova Scotia native surely needs more goals at the moment, although he is leading the NHL in points. He has scored only 2 goals in the last 19 games, which is his worst scoring in his brief professional career. Although he isn’t scoring as many goals as we thought he would this year, I feel he is doing much better than the guy to whom he finished as runner-up to in the Calder Cup as NHL rookie of the year in 2006 – Alexander Ovechkin. Here are some more of Sid’s achievements :

night of the comet online download On October 28, 2006, Crosby netted his first NHL hat trick in an 8-2 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers.[13] Just over 6 weeks later, on December 13, Crosby recorded his first six point game of his career, which was also against the Flyers (1 goal, 5 assists).[14] After that game, he led the NHL in scoring, becoming the first teenager to do so since Wayne Gretzky in 1980.

On January 27, 2007, Crosby recorded a 4 point game (1 goal, 3 assists) against the Wayne Gretzky-coached Phoenix Coyotes, including a highlight-reel goal in which he scored whilst falling backwards.

On March 2, 2007, Crosby became the youngest player in NHL history to reach the 200 point career plateau by scoring a goal against Cam Ward of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Song for the day – “Where Am I Going” – MATT MAYS & EL TORPEDO

Let’s Gel

I normally hate the chore of shaving. Sometimes I think that I should just grow a beard and occasionally get it trimmed at the local barber’s. But I often get scolded by many people when I grow my beard, at times by people who have no right to be talking to me about things like this! But once a year I do let my beard grow out and for a month or so, no razor will touch my face. Then when I visit the barber’s, it’s like spring cleaning or deforestation. I feel wonderful for a few days after that happens. But I hate shaving myself. Why can’t the bring out a product that stops facial hair for, I dunno, a period of 5 years or so?

But this shaving gel thing is just the thing to make me wanna shave. Gillette Shaving Gel, for sensitive skin I may add, is the only shaving cream / gel that I look forward to lather on my face and actually get excited about shaving. It feels nice and smooth and invigorating to my senses. I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to shave again!

Beg Your Pardon!

download nothing but the truth movie Today I got a comment in my blog from a person who probably has all right to be annoyed at me, although I am not to be blamed. In an earlier blog entry, I had written about Irish Coffee with a recipe and how much I like it. I ended that entry with that day’s Song for the day (as I normally have one) and I had selected Kiss My Irish Ass as my song choice. Now here comes the problem.

The above mentioned song is one which I had downloaded from the net a few years ago (2003 I think) and had listened to many times since. I was under the impression that that the song in question was by the Great Big Sea, a band from Newfoundland, Canada with Irish roots. Since the post was about something Irish, I felt the song choice to be appropriate. However – it turns out that I was wrong about the artist behind it. And as I have read, I am far from the only one.

I got a comment in that same post by Frank Mackey of Frank Mackey and the Keltic Cowboys – the actual artist who created & sang the said song. He didn’t state anything other than the plain fact that this song is not by Great Big Sea but is his. Imagine you created something and others were crediting it to someone else. According to his official website other artists like Flogging Molly, The Pogues, Drop Kick Murphy, Young Dubliners and others are often mistakenly identified as the artists who originated the song. The song is contained in the album Songs Of Longing and Debauchery.

My humble apologies to Frank Mackey and anyone else associated with the creation and publishing of this great, fun song. I really like it. I hope anyone else under the same wrong impression can learn from this.

Please visit : Frank Mackey’s official website although there isn’t much information about his personal history.

Do I have another life I am not aware about?

Today I got an email from RBC’s (Royal Bank Of Canada) security department! Hold the phone – did I just type the Royal Bank of Canada? Apparently I did!

Ok, back to what happened. I got a mail from an e-mail id that says it is the security section of RBC and that it had to do with my account. Some reason or the other that there was risk in my account and a link was provided to go straight into my account and provide my login id and password. Then there would be instructions to how to upgrade the security level in my online account and etc etc.

Only problem – I don’t have an account in RBC! They don’t operate in India as far as I know. Surely not in Kochi, where I live. I have never had any dealing with the Royal Bank of Canada. Not that I don’t want to – I love Canada. Maybe this means that I can get to visit that great country. I tried to send a reply back, since it was a bank, but it turned out to be a hoax account or something. Hotmail came back saying that the email address does not exist. So a big spam worked its way to me.

Or is it just spam? Do I have a life I don’t know about? (High time, mine is pretty lame) Do I actually have another life, one in which I HAVE an RBC account and probably live in Canada or thereabouts? Do I have a house, a car, a wife, kids, a mistress? ?????????!!!!!!!

Roshan’s Eleven :One Song On My List

  • Camouflage – Stan Ridgeway
  • She’s So High – Tal Bachman
  • You’re So Vain – Carly Simon
  • Love Song – 311
  • Drops Of Jupiter – Train
  • Movies – Alien Ant Farm
  • Lady In Red – Chris De Burgh
  • Arizona Sky – China Crisis
  • American Pie – Don McLean
  • Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac
  • Freak On A Leash – Korn

These 11 artists are those of whom I have downloaded only one song each. Most of these songs have been lying in my stack for a very long time. Some of the artists are bands who I have only wanted that one particular song and have no interest to get anymore at all (Don McLean, China Crisis, Korn, Chris De Burgh, Alien Ant Farm, Stan Ridgeway & Train) but in each case the song in question is very dear to me.

The others (Carly Simon, 311, Fleetwood Mac & Tal Bachman) – I just haven’t got round to getting more of their songs but will in the near future. Especially Tal Bachman & 311.

Song for the day – “She’s So High” – TAL BACHMAN

Smell of Kerosene & Paint is Driving Me Crazy

    As I had mentioned previously here my apartment building is getting a new coat of paint and general beautification (I use that term loosely) done as an effort to bring back the glory of 5 years ago. At that point of time, it was one of only 3 apartment buildings in this area and therefore stood out. When we first moved in here last September it looked like an old hag amidst the newer and much prettier looking apartments. Like a chaperon to much younger ladies on a night out on the town!

    Well now the paint work is almost over; the outside is done and looking kinda nice. There is life still left in this wreck of a building! However these stupid painters are driving me nuts. The buggers are so loud and today I almost had it. They had to paint the balcony in my apartment and came in at sharp 9 am to do so. Question : How many painters does it take to paint a small, tiny balcony? Answer : Three moronic assholes and one idiot to supervise! They are so fucking annoying and I could barely contain my frustration and anger. There’s more – they left a trail of white footprints on the floor leading from the door to the balcony. They splattered paint all over the balcony floor and the wall and the wash basin on the balcony. Then they used a liberal dose of kerosene to clean it when I complained. Now you can’t go near the balcony door before being consumed by that horrible smell. Holy fuck! The only consolation is that today is the last day – I never have to see these schmucks again.

      Song for the day – “Closer To Madness” – JESSE COOK

      Sens 5 Maple Leafs 1

      There is something about the Toronto Maple Leafs that makes the Sens raise their game and play at an altogether higher level. Their provincial rivals bring out the best in them and it has been showing in the past couple of years. Always getting the better of Ottawa in the playoffs for years, the Maple Leafs are being thrashed by their fellow Ontario team on a regular basis. Having lost the last three matches (two in over time of which one was a shoot-out lose to Pittsburgh), the Sens really needed this win for confidence. Plus it put them at the number 3 spot in the Eastern Conference standings briefly until Atalanta won their game against the Canadiens. Mike Fisher had two goals as did Dean McAmmond while defenceman Tom Preissing was the other scorer. Alex Steen had the lone consolation goal for Toronto, who is in 8th spot. Captain Daniel Alfredsson had three assists and goalie Ray Emery had 28 saves on the night. The two teams meet in Toronto on Saturday.

      Evening @ The Club

      Today being a ‘harthal’ the shops & businesses were supposed to be closed and shut waiting till the end of the day to open up in fear of the political goondas who had declared the 24 hour shutting down. Too day, someone should have told them that the public has called their bluff! In the morning (or afternoon since I woke up only by 12:00 pm) after I woke up, when I looked outside the balcony and the windows, the streets looked kinda dead and empty. Most of the shops nearby were closed and people were staying indoors, even more than on a Sunday. So I was expecting the rest of the city to be in the same kind of lulled stupor. But it seems like that the shops and businesses in most of the city had opened up and kept normal working hours, more or less.

      I spoke to Kannanchettan around 5 pm and quickly arranged for a meeting at 6:30 pm when he would be free. He confirmed that all the shops were open and business was as usual except that there were no buses and no autos plying their normal trade as this hartal effects them in a major way. So I said that I would take a shower and get ready and meet him near his office. So we met and rode to Rama Varma Club for a few beers and some food. We started talking about stuff that was happening to us regarding work, mostly about me since I was at the newer job. Then we started talking about our cousins and Sandhya’s name came up. He remarked that she had called him from the UK and that she was so sweet and caring and that he hoped that she was ok. I said I agreed (you might find this confusing Sandhya) and that it was sad what had happened to her but that she was happy now and doing well, thanks to her parents & brother and her closed friends. We have her in our thoughts a lot.

      The evening went by quickly, as it often does when you are having fun, and my three kingfisher beers disappeared very fast and so did our food. He got a call which informed him that his wife’s grandmother had passed away, so we left a few minutes after that.

      Song for the day – “Wolf In My Henhouse” – ANTHONY GOMES

      You can see my site in China

      Great Firewall of China is a website located in the United Kingdom which enables you to know if your site or any for that matter is censored in China. I found out about this link in Mikeboon.com and Mike also has the domain name TorontoMike.com

      devil in a blue dress movie which leads to his website. The first one was blocked but the second, being newer I guess, was not.

      It is estimated that some 30,000 Chinese civil servants are monitoring Internet traffic and blocking content that is deemed undesirable. Typing in sensitive keywords such as ‘democracy’, ‘Falun Gong’ or ‘porno’ in a search engine results in an error message. Websites of a sensitive nature are being blocked. Internet service providers also (self)censor, as do individuals: many people do not express their real thoughts because they know these will be censored anyway.

      Maybe I should use a few more swear words and profile my favourite porn stars or give detailed praises about Democracy!