Paws For Thought

I wish I could keep a dog here in this apartment. I miss having a dog as my companion, pet and  best friend. Hell, I wish I could Shawny back.

Shawny, as some of you will know, was my beloved Golden Retriever who was with me from 1995 to 2004. I miss her a lot. I think about her every day and in my dreams in which I am in a nicer place or somewhere in a futuristic Star Trek-ish, traveling the universe in a sleek spaceship (with a crew or just a couple of robots) and Shawny is always there by my side. We are both alive and young in this time and so is every other human – no one ages and dies. Well ages a bit but we don’t die. So none of your pets die and neither do you as we have advanced medically to such a stage.

A few days ago, while waiting for a cab, I was standing outside the gate when a man who lives nearby was walking his dog. A male Beagle. The dog looked so regal and majestic and kinda big for a beagle but he was nice looking. I wanted to pet him but it’s kinda odd to go and pet a stranger’s dog. I just admired him from the opposite side of the road and asked the man if that was a beagle and he said yes. Ah, lucky bugger to have the dog in his life. I feel like a dog owner who doesn’t have a dog. I want a dog but then I want my Shawny too. If only…

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