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A really good new tv series that just ended is Perception from cable channel TNT  and produced by ABC Studios. The crime-drama series created by Kenneth Biller and Mike Sussman stars Eric McCormack (who also produces the show) as Dr. Daniel Pierce, a neuropsychiatrist who assists the FBI on some of their most complex cases. Rachel Leigh Cook, Kelly Rowan & Arjay Smith co-star as the FBI agent Kate Moretti who was Dr. Pierce’s former student and brings him in on the cases, his imaginary best friend Natalie who he depends on and Dr. Caroline Newsome (the inspiration behind his imaginary friend) and Max Lewicki who is his TA and who stays with him t0 help him, respectively. LeVar Burton has a recurring role as the Dean of the university and Pierce’s friend.

Dr. Daniel Pierce, a neuroscientist and professor at a Chicago university who tends to get under people’s skins with his strange methods, his odd social affect and his off-putting habit is a paranoid schizophrenic who has trouble differentiating between real life and his illusions of people who interact and guide him to answers for the cases. These imaginary people are basically his mind working and sorting out the evidence & facts in front of him. In the pilot episode Kate brings him in to solve a case assigned to her by the FBI, unaware that Pierce is off his medicines and has illusions from time to time. Despite that he is able to help her solve the case, involving the death of a pharmaceutical executive. Next the FBI investigate a case involving the death of a mail order bride whose husband has a severe medical condition that makes him unable to recognize faces, which is diagnosed by Daniel. With the resurfacing of the “Date Night” killer, a serial killer from 1986, sees Kate and Daniel, while going through the clubes, led to a woman named Lacey, who escaped the killers attack and after a psychotic break still believes it’s 1986. Meanwhile, Lewicki takes issue with Kate constantly coming to Daniel to help solve crimes.

Daniel stumbles across a cipher left in the newspaper which allude to a future set of crimes while Lewicki goes on strike due to Daniel’s behavior. Daniel and Kate investigate the case of young man whose death leads them to a cult, that are lead by a boy named Kyle who believes he could talk to God. They must then determine whether his death was caused by his drug addiction or the cult he was apart of. Dr. Pierce, an atheist, has an illusion of Joan of Arc and gives a passionate dialogue about god and his ways. Meanwhile, Daniel receives an award from the university. Daniel then helps Kate investigate the death of a therapist who was discovered as trying to help “cure” his patients of their homosexuality. Whilst investigating the case of a schizophrenic judge, Kate learns about Daniels own un-medicated schizophrenia. Kate and Daniel investigate the case of a young girl who was killed in her dorm room, which causes Daniel to revisit some of the truths from his past. Daniel’s weekend gets complicated when he witnesses the murder of a young man claiming a conspiracy involving big business and Chicago politicians. However, the conspiracy could be real or part of Daniel’s schizophrenia in which takes a dramatic turn due to his refusal to take his medication. After committing himself to a psychiatric ward, Kate tells Daniel that a video that of the late mysterious young man (who was thought to be imaginary) has appeared online. While in the psychiatric ward, Daniel encounters his new psychiatrist Dr. Caroline Newsome, a woman he fell for at a college party, and on whom he based his imaginary friend Natalie.

I find Eric McCormack to be excellent in this role, with some passionate acting in a difficult role. The supporting cast do a good job. Jamie Bamber also has a couple of episodes as a fellow professor who shows an interest in Kate. Good show only 10 episodes though. I’m glad that we will get a second season and hopefully a lot more.

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  1. I love his acting too. It’s just 10 episodes which is a bummer but we get a new season of 13-15 I think.

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