Pinkish-Red & White

Litchi is a fruit that I did not like much when I was younger. I have had the fruit, had litchi flavoured ice cream and the juice. Ice cold litchi juice from Tropicana is my favourite way to have the fruit. It’s not unlike grapes, although it should be more like a big grape, and the inside or the ‘meat’ as it is often termed as, is a bit like the grape without the skin! The inside layer of sweet, translucent white flesh is rich in vitamin C. It seems that the litchi or lychee is native to China and also found in India, Northern Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia & Taiwan. Much more recently it has been grown in parts of the US like Florida, California & Hawaii and also in parts of Australia. I was chatting with my friend Kristen this morning about litchis and started getting a hunger / thirst for it. So on my way home, I bought a pack of Tropicana’s Litchi Juice. Drink up!

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