Planet Of Furry Light Creatures

You’ve discovered a new planet. Describe what you see.

Ok, the spaceship or starship has just arrived and is orbiting the strange blue planet. Blue, but not exactly like us. For instance what I can see is that there is a lot of ocean. Unlike the earth, this planet is more of a water planet. It is only 20 percent land and the rest is clear, blue oceans and seas. And it is a different colour of blue.

I decide to take a small crew of 3 and take a shuttle down to the planet to take a closer look. We land on a large patch of what looks like graiss but it is a faded maroon in colour. The land stretched out in front of us but in the distance we can see what looks like giant mountains. On the left of us we can see bushes and trees. Odd looking leaves and what we assume are flowers. The air is breathable but the oxygen content is a bit lower which could cause us to get tired easily so we keep the helmets and oxygen supplies on. The 4 of us walk a bit further and look up – in the early evening sky we can see that the planet has 3 moons….scratch that! 4 moons. And they look gorgeous upon that evening sky.

The grass flows in the wind like a river and the alien birds make their shrill noise as they glide in the evening light. The birds are small in body yet have these huge wings that seem to be almost 3 times their size. This sight fascinates us so much that we almost do not notice the huge animals that have wandered near us. As the night time descends we can see that the animals are luminescent and that the night time glow is gorgeous to see. Furry, large yet gentle creatures with mutiple legs walking near us and they don’t seem to be too worried in our presence. They keep looking for things to eat and its the leaves, the bushes and shrubs near us that they seem to be more attracted to. We must be in their feeding grounds.

All the creatures seems to be herbivores and they also seem to like a fruit that falls from the trees in the area. One animal walks near me to get to the fruit and I run my hands on it’s thick, fluffly fur. Eben with the gloves of my suit I can feel that it’s among the most softest fur ever. The animals seems to like the rubbing effect and approach even further to each of us. Like large, long dogs who have been petted for the first time and loving it, they come back for me and soon all 4 of us are running our hands through the soft backs and bellies of these gentle creatures. After it gets too dark, even with 4 moons lending light to where we stand, it gets harder for us to see. So we bid goodbye to these lovely animals and let them continue their feed as we get back to the shuttle and go back to the ship.

Prompt from Writing Prompts: 60 Ideas You Can Use Today

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