Planning A Picnic

I was reading in another blog about trips and favourite memories of trips taken to their favourite places to visit. That reminds me; I’m going on a one day trip/picnic with my team members on the 2nd of March. Kind of like a personal farewell & thank you to the team that I have had since September 2009. A former member is also joining us as she is very dear to us and I asked her to join us. My last working day at the office is the 5th of March but since the 2nd is a national holiday due to Shivarathri, it’s perfect for us to take a trip and keep one for the memories.

One of my trainers, Rajeesh, has bought a car recently. A second hand white Ambassador and it’s big and spacious and perfect for the 7 of us to go on a trip. He’ll drive and the rest of u will squeeze ourselves into the front & back seats. That also means that we also save on the cost of hiring a vehicle for the trip and we only need worry about the fuel and buying food & drink for the day. That easily puts our budget at just under Rs.500 per person and we can enjoy some good food that we will buy on the road and eat in the form of a picnic at the venue. That’s a plan and I am excited.

Most important thing to finalize is ofcourse the venue. Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass where we go as long as I can spend the day with them, it’s not too hot and we can find some shade and we can sit in relative peace & quite and enjoy ourselves with some good grub. Cherrai Beach? Athirampilly waterfalls? Vagamond? Munnar? Allepey? Boothathankettu Dam? Ezyattumugham? I dunno which one to settle on. Munnar & Vagamond seem to both be long drives for us and I want to restrict the driving to a 90 minute or so, one way – cause who wants to sit in a car in the blazing sun? In the next two days we will finalize on the place and then pool the money together and then decide on what to buy for food. I wish it is a gorgeous day with less sun but lots of cool breeze.

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