Pope Calls IVF Arrogant

The Vatican & the pope are obsessed with sex it seems. According to the pope, artificial methods of getting pregnant, like the in-vitro fertilization (IVF), were simply “arrogance” and making babies through sex was the only way to make a baby. Speaking at the end of a three-day Vatican meet on infertility in Rome on Saturday, the Pope reiterated Vatican’s stance against artificial procreation and urged infertile couples to refrain from trying to conceive through any method other than conjugal relations. He also told the specialists in his audience to resist “the fascination of the technology of artificial fertility’, warning against “easy income, or even worse, the arrogance of taking the place of the Creator”.

Is he calling the couples who have tried to have a baby on their own and have to try IVF to start their own families, arrogant? Is that arrogant Mr.Pope? Well, you know who I think is arrogant and which religious institution is arrogant & makes a mockery of humanity arrogant! Take a look in the mirror!

3 thoughts on “Pope Calls IVF Arrogant

  1. I have such a beef with the current Pope because of his links with the Hitler Youth. It is abhorrent to me. He defends it by saying it was mandatory to join and he had no choice but the way I look it a man supposedly that ‘close to God’ would never have anything to do with an organisation like that. I’m afraid I immediately dismiss anything he says. It is a messed up world when a man like that is the leader of the Catholic Church.

  2. You know my stance on religion. Irrespective of that, the pope, the church or anything connected to any religious organization should stay away from abortion and other issues that doesn’t concern them. When the pope goes through 9.5 months of labour, delivers a child or three, raises them on minimum wage – then maybe we should listen!

  3. So some out of touch jackass, who (apparently) never has sex, has decided that because I don’t have fallopian tubes, my use of IVF to conceive my daughter was arrogant? And he gets this opinion from his imaginary friend and a 2000 year old book? Oh ya, I’ll listen to him.

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