Power To The People

The state of Kerala depends on the Idukki dam & the rains for its electricity needs. The dam powers up the entire state and if the rains should fail then we are into deep shit. The rains started much earlier this year but then stopped all of a sudden and then came in little spurts. There was widespread panic in the region. Would the rains fail?

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The rains came once again and it started pouring quite well but it was a bit late for us as far as avoiding scheduled power load shedding is concerned. Yes, we usually have scheduled power cuts every year around this time, while they wait for the reservoir to fill up. So it rains a lot and we have power cuts!! All together now…Brilliant!

This time its been as usual and even though the rains increased (and a couple of times it looked as if it wouldn’t stop) the power cuts have continued. What’s more, the motherfuckers in KSEB have also started unscheduled power cuts! Like today, on a Sunday! It went out for almost an hour in the morning and then at 6:20 pm it went out for 30 minutes. 15 minutes later at 7 pm it was our scheduled power cut. What a bummer!

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