Quick Day At Work

I am back home, quicker than a jiffy. Left at 5:30 pm for my 6:30 pm shift and reached home by 10:30 pm. So why did I leave so quickly from work instead of staying around till my 3:30 am end of shift? Well, one of my colleagues who is conducting a new hire training for some new recruits in the morning shift is out with a high fever and hence I have to fill in for her. She is running a fever of a 102!

So that means, after some work and a couple of reports, I went down to have dinner with some other colleagues and then sent out some mails. By then I was checking the time as I wanted to leave the office by 10pm. I did and I was lucky enough to get a cab in 5 minutes and reached home in just 25 minutes or so.

Getting to sleep will be a problem – I am used to the 3:30 am shift and so have had no time to adjust. As will getting up in the morning. Damn! I am not a morning person and this quick and sudden change in shift is gonna be killing me.

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