Today was a nice day. Again work wise hardly anything to do plus it is a Saturday hence a very casual atmosphere all around. Not that we have a very serious & somber outlook during the weekdays but still it is a very nice feeling. We had a small meeting on how to increase efficiency among the trainees who are now agents. We decided that from next week, refresher courses are in session.

A few of us went to have a group lunch – nothing was arranged or organized, it just happened. Most of them had chicken biriyani ala Hyderbadi style and they raved about the taste but I had a vegetable dish which was supposed to be spicy but it was actually sweet. I had no complaints though as I enjoyed the company at the table.

Sajith, Akhil & myself were soon entering reports for a while until 4:30 pm, when we went to have a trainers meeting. This was round two for the month of March and we will be having them twice a month. If only all meetings were such fun; even as we were discussing the various obstacles that hindered our path to complete success, we were still having fun and cracking jokes. Me, the group clown, had them laughing at my wise cracks. Anyways, Akhil and myself have a little project to do on Tuesday, which we really want to do.

Back on the way home and it looks like it is about to rain. Am I mistaking the smell of imminent rain for something else? Sometimes you just know that it is going to pour. But for a long time after I reached my room and relaxed, it seemed that my nose was failing me. Until around midnight, when the heavens opened and sweet, sweet rain water poured down on Cochin town. Ahh, I just stood at my windows and soaked it in while staring blankly at the night sky. The breeze was welcoming but I couldn’t get my hands wet unless I went out to the balcony. This is good.

And oh, is that a semi-naked lady that I spy with my little eye, moving in front of a window in the building across mine? ;)

Song for the day – “One Little Victory” – RUSH

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