Raindrop Falling On My Head

The rains sure poured down on Cochin city today. Funny enough it was quite hot and sunny this afternoon when I went to the mess next to the office for lunch. And it wasn’t raining at 6 pm when a few of us went up to the rooftop cafeteria for coffee. Who knew that within the next 90 minutes it would pour down in biblical fashion. I mean it was a torrential downpour and the roads were flooded. The road that leads from my office to the main road is on an upward slope and walking on it in this kinda weather is an adventure. Water uptil your ankles and swishing around as you walk.

My socks and shoes were quite wet as I reached the bus stand. I got down and went to this small hotel in Kacheripady that I sometimes get dinner from. Although owned by Malayalees the cooks and some of the waiters aren’t from here. I think they are from the North East part of India and maybe because of that, they don’t use as much oil or masala in the food. I like this as the food is cheaper compared to most places & quite tasty but doesn’t give you that bloated / stuffed feeling. I ordered the chicken fried rice and some chicken 65. I was however disappointed with the chicken as it wasn’t upto their usual standard in taste. I threw most of it away and ate the rice which was quite good.

Then it was chatting away on the lappy and then a video call with my good friend / colleague Smitha. Who I haven’t met in real life till date but she’s a good friend nevertheless. Now it’s sleep time and I think I’m gonna have a long dreamless sleep.

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