Rainy Day Sunday

Finally it has rained and rained a lot. Last evening’s heat & humidity was a clear indication that rain was on the way but it was little help as I sweated in my room. Downing lots of cold water (filled bottles and throwing them into the freezer on a regular basis) to keep myself cool and washing my face and arms at regular intervals was just interludes to sweating bullets as the hours went by. Pretty soon though a light breeze started creeping through my windows and things started cooling up a lot more. Just around dinner time it started raining, just enough to bring the light breeze but not nearly at the standards that I like. The power did go out for a bit, maybe 30 minutes because everyone knows that KSEB is wimpy little state run organization, incapable of proper running the power supply. I had dinner with my mom and then settled down to watch a movie (Weekend At Bernie’s, whoo 80s comedy movies).

I went to sleep around 1am but was woken up at around 5 am wit h the sound of thunder & heavy rain pouring down on the city. Yes – for the rains, no – for the thunder/lightning. I was sure that the power would go off for a bit once again and yes it did. Just a little breeze is enough for that to happen. I slept late till almost 9:45 am, woke up and got some coffee. I wanted to go out and by 11:30 am I was showering, shaving and getting ready to go out. The power goes out – fucking again! Luckily being a Sunday, my clothes were all ironed as the ironing people come in to collect your clothes only on Sundays. So I dressed and left the apartment. It was getting quite warm once again and lugging my heavy laptop & bag wasn’t helping.

My destination was Coffee Cube on Convent junction for a light snack, some cold coffee and their free wifi. I settled for a shake with Black Current flavour instead and am chilling at the cafe, cool as a cucumber and enjoying watching the rain, which is back again, fall on Cochin city. I don’t want to eat lunch here; the weather is perfect for some vodka and chicken and after I go for a little shopping, that’s exactly what I want to go and get.

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