Reader’s Poll: Which Netbook To Purchase?

Ok now, I just need some help – netbooks; which one to get. The reason is two fold – my friend wants to get one but neither he nor I has no idea which one to go for. I would also like one for work purposes (lugging around my heavy but budget friendly Lenovo G550 is hard on my shoulder).

At my previous company, I noticed a lot of Samsung netbooks that were given to managers, DGMs, GMs and so on. I only got to the AM level before I left so never got to use the Samsung :).

Usage on the netbook will be very basic stuff : internet browsing, emails, some light Excel, Word & Powerpoint work and playing videos that will need to be displayed via a projector to a larger screen. Wieght & portability is a huge factor in getting one and I want a 10 inch screen. Which one would you guys suggest?

Please vote and click here to see the poll results. Last date is 30th June.

3 thoughts on “Reader’s Poll: Which Netbook To Purchase?

  1. Coz,

    Go with Asus. They are a good brand and will be easy on the wallet. Also support is real quick, like 24 hours replacement etc. I just built a PC on Asus motherboard and AMD phenom II processor. I am planning to buy one netbook too probably by this month end, finance permitting.


  2. Hmmm!You are only the second person I know who has recommended Asus. Sherina has an eee, an old one and it sucks donkey’s balls. I didn’t like the look or feel of it. Maybe they have better models like the one I featured here. Anyway, let’s see.

  3. Well, netbooks are slow unless you want to go the dual-core way(? 20k+). But looks have evolved. Next week I am going to check out a few. Will let you know. My main priority is service and backup times.

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