Ready For The Quarter-Finals?

Well that was an eventful & interesting group stage & round of 16. England goes out in the pre-quarters, losing a controversial match 1-4 to Germany. The Asian challengers South Korea and Japan also bow out losing to Uruguay & Paraguay respectively. The US faced the lone African team left and lost; Ghana is the cinderella team of this World Cup.

So here are the quarter-final lineups and the two matches setup in the middle look very appetizing –  Netherlands vs Brazil and Germany vs Argentina. Everyone says that it’s the Argentines tournament to lose, they having been the most impressive side so far. For established nations they have Brazil, Germany & Holland in the offing but don’t count out the South American teams of Uruguay and Paraguay just yet. And can Ghana spring more surprises and proceed to the final and possible win the finals? Who will triumph in the end?

One thought on “Ready For The Quarter-Finals?

  1. Ahh i stopped watching when England didnt beat USA lol. Both Ryan and I were anxiously supporting our teams but i was really dissapointed and i lost interest in the world cup after that. However it has been lovely to see the S Koreans enjoy their few victories. Even at 3am they were all up and about and u could here cheering everywhere. I like that about the world cup, that it brings people together. I still dont get what the big deal is about a bunch of grown men chasing after a football.. and my only eye candy David Beckham isnt playing so it really isnt worth my while :D

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