Reality TV: Trash Or Treasure?

I’ve stated my displeasure with reality tv a few times before but I shall do so once again. I’m not in total disagreement with the concept but there is a limit as to how much and what kind of shows they should make & show on tv. Reality tv is now only realism in short quantities; most of the drama is scripted and you can make out which ones are fake and which ones are genuine. The majority of the shows are just plain bullshit and a few remain as beacons of faint but steady light. At the moment I do not watch any of the reality shows except for perhaps NY Ink.

I hate all the ones in India. They fucking suck. I find it funny that people who have no interest in quiz shows otherwise will watch the Indian versions of Who Wants To be A Millionaire just because it is broadcast in their language. And everyone watches the song competitions – problem is, there’s way too many of them and each channel has copies of the same dumbo bimbo host who has about the same IQ as that of a potato! The Indian judges will conduct an almost full singing class while dissecting the contestants, belittling them and also ensuring that the cameras stay on them – the judges – a lot longer than actually needed! Ofcourse I am talking about the Malayalam ones – the Hindi speaking reality shows are even worse – a full Bollywood movie can be enacted on stage in just 10 minutes!

I don’t watch any of the American or British ones either. From time to time in any language you get to see a real talent on stage being discovered for the very first time but the bullshit surrounding the show makes it hard for me to truly appreciate them. I will note down any interesting artist or act and try and follow them separately away from the tv show. The only reality shows I really loved were the two Rock Star contests where real singing talent (each season I found atleast 10 singers I genuinely liked) and the songs meant a lot. The journey each took was long and hard and they had real blood, sweat and tears before success (in some people’s case). Not that the other shows didn’t have genuine stars – Rock Star had a few more. I liked OCC’s American Chopper – but there were some real drama queens in there with fake drama – and the tattoo shows which had a lot of people hamming it up for the camera. But I loved the art of the tattoos and the beautiful designs of the bikes hence watched a lot of them.

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