Recluse or Hermit? Take Your Pick!

Are you putting any parts of your life on hold? If so why?

I haven’t gone out much in a year. Even before that I haven’t gone out much so that would be about 1.6 years or so. There was that one visit to cut my hair and have lunch with a couple of beers with my cousin back in February. Other than that I have only been out for hospital visits. Speaking of haircuts, I badly need a haircut now.

Yeah I am balding so I don’t get my hair cut more than a couple of times a year! Sue me! It’s a nice evening today, so I guess I will listen to some music. Back to the question/prompt at hand. My social life is almost zero at this point, unless you add social media and chats and replies. I haven’t been to see relatives or friends with that lone exception. My sister and niece do come frequently to see my parents and I. A couple of cousins have visited on their vacation to India from the Gulf. And that’s about it.

I have a 3 day weekend coming up and I hope to go out on the Sunday and get some beer and lunch at a bar. I also need that haircut. Things have become so comfortable staying indoors that I have taken it for granted that I will stay in and have everything delivered to me. I must change that or else life will be very boring indeed.

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