Remakes, Reboots, Rehashing

Remakes, reboots – I’m not a big fan of this concept of remaking a movie unless ofcourse it was a really badly made movie albeit with a good story / plotline. And then there is stuff that I wish got an update or instead would have been made in the recent times so that the special effects wouldn’t look too dated and also for it to stay fresh in people’s memories. Like any good science fiction series or movie from the the 70s, 80s & 90s should have updated effects done – that’s it! Just to make it look fresh. Like Star Trek TNG or DS9 or any of the other ones in the franchise. Which they have done to some extent and me, and their millions of fans are glad for and appreciate.

Movies and tv series will always get remade & rebooted mainly because some will see it as 1) a tribute or homage to the original 2) like the concept but want to make improvements to it as they felt it lacked a certain something or 3) have run out of ideas and will steal anything that looks like it could be a seller (I’m looking at you Michael Bay) and that is the worst kind. I’m happy with the first two reasons and that gives us fans something to cheer about. Like if I were a movie maker I’d like to see some older Scifi stuff like Forbidden Planet remade with a new cast, because even if I am such a big fan of the original and a huge, huge fan of the work that Leslie Neilsen did (he cannot be replaced in that role, just given a tribute to) that movie was in the 50s!! The 50s! We could use a reworking of that with a younger cast and maybe a few changes here and there to make it look brand new. That’s what I would do – pay my respects to a classic. However, I am the sort of person who likes new stories and would therefore want to make my own story & movie and hence wouldn’t look for too many remakes.

How about you guys? What do you think about reboots & remakes? Do you like it or hate it? One more thing that I would want to add is that most people who have seen the original and loved it might be the ones who hate the reboot or like the new one but still feel that it was best to leave the classic original as it was and enjoy it rather than have someone else make their own interpretation of it. Some share that feeling while some are like “ok impress me if you are gonna remake something!”

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