Reunion Of The 3

It’s been a while since Madhu, Anil & myself have been able to get together for some drinks & dinner. When Anil called me while I was at the office, I was unable to answer at first since I was kinda busy. Three calls later I answered and he reminded me that we had spoken a couple of days earlier about getting together. I wasn’t sure if I could get there in time but I just had to see my best friends. By 7:40 pm, I left the office and headed out to the Executive Bar in Park Regency Hotel in Kalamassery.

There I met Madhu, who was standing outside the entrance with his helmet in his hand. Anil had reached earlier but had gone to the ATM a kilometer away. We chatted outside for a little while until Anil made it back and the headed in. As usual it was 8pm whiskey for Madhu, Bijoys brandy for Anil & Romanov vodka for me. We had a lot of snacks – peanuts, 2 chili beef & 2 chili pork. Man the pork was light and crispy and very, very tasty. As mentioned earlier in my blog, I rarely have pork but this was so delicious. We chatted a lot as we drank & ate. The main topic was the girl who has come into Anil’s life!

Madhu filled me in on the details – there’s this girl that Anil & Madhu have known for around a year. She works at the same office as they do but is a bit younger than Anil. She is a quite sort, not very vocal and Anil mostly speaks to her over the phone. From the description, she sounds like very sweet and has good morals. Perfect for a life partner. And she has stated that she is interested in Anil. Which is the surprise part! How can that asshole get a nice, decent girl like her?

Anyway, he likes her too and is interested in marrying her. He has spoken to his mother about it and she has even seen & met the girl. His family is eager to get Anil’s hairy old ass married but this bugger is too chicken to seal the deal, so to speak! He is afraid of what if it won’t work out, when he approaches her folks! She is interested and he is interested but he is scared of going to the next step and getting things sorted and ready. He says he needs 4 to 5 months!

And this is the same jerk-off who keeps pressurizing me to find a girl and get married, every fucking time we speak on the phone or meet in person!!!!!

Now the tables have turned butt-face, you on the other side of the barrel. Madhu & I will see if we can get you married and settled in a couple of months. Watch out, your days as a carefree bachelor are numbered, my friend!

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