RIP Brian Mulroney

Brian Mulroney, the prime minister whose trade talks with the United States and introduction of a new sales tax forever reshaped the Canadian economy, has died. The former lawyer, businessman & politician was 84. Mulroney became prime minister in 1984 when his Progressive Conservatives won 211 seats in the House of Commons ‚ÄĒ the largest margin of victory for a political party in Canadian history and a feat that has never been repeated. Mulrooney serve as the 18th¬†prime minister of Canada¬†from 1984 to 1993.

Born in the eastern¬†Quebec¬†city of¬†Baie-Comeau, Mulroney studied political science and law. He then moved to¬†Montreal¬†and gained prominence as a labour lawyer. After placing third in the¬†1976 Progressive Conservative leadership election, he was appointed president of the¬†Iron Ore Company of Canada¬†in 1977. He held that post until¬†1983, when he successfully became leader of the¬†Progressive Conservatives. A self-professed “failed crooner‚ÄĚ who made $50 a pop for singing ballads at his hometown’s paper mill, Mulroney‚Äôs unrelenting ambition won him friends among some of the most powerful leaders of his generation, but also made enemies of countless Canadians who scorned what they saw as his obsession with his own image and that of his legacy.

After law school, Mulroney found work as a labour lawyer in Montreal and there, at age 33, he met then-18-year old Mila Pivnicki, spying her at the Mount Royal Tennis Club one weekday afternoon. They would marry two years later and go on to have four children ‚ÄĒ Caroline, Ben, Mark and Nicolas ‚ÄĒ and 15 grandchildren. Caroline Mulroney is now a minister in Ontario Premier Doug Ford‚Äôs government.

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