RIP Christy Mathew Phillip

This afternoon while at lunch, I was browsing through Facebook while eating my sandwich and came across a post from a priest who had posted on the profile page of a guy named Christy. From the way he posted it, in that weird Christian priesthood manner, even though he never said the words “passed away” or “died” you know what was up. I had no clue as to what had happened and this guy is only 23-24 years old. I tried finding out from the comments but couldn’t make out for a long time. I texted a few people who were close to him in order to find out what had happened.

I came to know that Christy passed away in a car accident in the early hours when he and a friend crashed with a truck. From what I hear, he died on the spot. Christy was a trainee of mine in my current office, though he left for higher studies last year. Everyone remembers him as always smiling and always jovial and cordial towards others. I remember a few of his jokes and funny impersonations of actors that he did during breaks in work.

I think he was studying for his MBA. He was around 23-24 years old, way too young for me to be reading his obituary. Young guys of his age should be looking forward to a new job, a career and enjoying life. I wish that could be what was in store for you. I can’t believe he is gone. But his memory will live on in the hearts and minds of his friends and colleagues. I hope his family can find some peace in this trying time.

Goodbye, Christy! We will all hold you dear in our memories.

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