RIP Velocity Bar

A few days ago I came to know that due to the bar license issues, one of my favourite bars & preferred watering hole for 6 years, Velocity Bar (otherwise known as my temple or Velocity shetram), has closed their doors. The Kerala government refused to renew the license for over 400 bars in the state due to the fact that they did not meet required standards as per the directions of Supreme Court and the recommendations of the Justice Ramachandran Committee, which studies the issues of bars in the state.Though the family style restaurant is still open it looks unlikely that Velocity will open up again. I haven’t been to a bar in months and only have had a few beers at a family restaurant twice since October.

But I will miss the nice bar with it’s nice posters (they have some movie posters on another wall) good eats and drinks.

I first went to Velocity back in February of 2007 and since then Velocity was my bar of choice – okay prices, near to my apartment, flat screen tv, clean & nice couches/booths – ever since. I haven’t been going for the past few months (since August/September of last year) – maybe that’s why they actually closed. I do hope that things can be sorted out and they will get to reopen next year. If not then, I raise my glass to you. Thanks for all the memories.

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