Rocking On

Nothing much to report on my daily activities. One thing to say is that both the Tibetan brothers seem to have left the company we just joined. The older brother was in my section and he seemed to be distracted and disinterested throughout the last three days of last week. I kinda had the feeling that he was a goner and guess what – he did not show up yesterday. Turns out he and his brother might drop off. They went to Mysore for some reason or the other and said that it was rather urgent.

Yesterday we went a little more in depth in the training and took a huge portion of the technical aspects of the industry. That kept things in perspective and things got a little more serious. Well today we moved from the hotel to the company’s main training center, which is quite nearby. It was kinda dusty as some work had been going on there and they cleaned it after we came in! But it is a much better training hall that what I am used to at Thoppumpady. I also went to take a few passport size photos for completion of my bank application form and other formalities. Oh and we had a great feast last night at the hotel. Quite tasty!

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Song for the day – “Rock The Night” – EUROPE

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