Roshan The Zombie slayer

Once in a while I get these weird dreams. And why is it almost always in my old house in Thrikkakara? We sold the house back in 2006 and moved.

Ok, zombie time. These were real slow and gruesome looking. In my dream, I’m like a special secret agent who fights & kills scary creatures like monsters, demons & zombies. Except for my dad no one else in my family is aware of the fact that I kill monsters or that there actually exists such things as zombies and demons. My dad is a retired former secret agent monster killer himself and so it’s kind of like our secret – just between father & son.

Ok, so unfortunately these recently converted zombies find my house and attack me in the top floor of the house in my bedroom. My mother and sister are downstairs and have no idea that this is happening and my dad is outside. So zombies attack and I fight them off. I kill each and every one of the zombies by snapping & breaking their necks. I could actually hear the snapping & cracking of bones in my sleep! This last zombie was very hard to kill and I had to really use a lot of force but – crack – goes his neck and he is dead. So now there is a pile of zombie dead bodies in my room, atleast 12 of them, and there is no way that I get rid of them without my sister & mom noticing it. So I call HQ and ask them for backup. They give me the shock news; my house has been targeted by design and not by chance and there is every likelyhood that during the night even more zombies will be unleashed in my area. My uncle & aunt who live two houses nearby are also a target.

So I call for backup and then call my dad. Its about 7pm now and I tell my father that the rest of the family has to be told of our secret lives as monster killers in order to keep them safe. He agrees and heads back home. I go downstairs and call my uncle and tell him to pack a few clothes and that he & my aunt are to come over and spend the night at my house. Although he doesn’t get the urgency, I convince him to come over and he said that they would be over in an hour.

Then I have to go down and tell my mom & sister about the zombies. I sit them down and tell them the secret life I’ve had, about how I was tested as a potential monster killer at the age of 14, how dad is a monster killer as well, and about the kinds of monsters that exist. Ofcourse they don’t believe me and think that it’s my idea of a joke! So I coax my sister into going upstairs to get a book I was reading and then wait for the screaming to start! She ofcourse sees the dead zombies and calls my mom who is also scared outta her brain. They come running down and I tell them to stay calm. By now my uncle and aunt are in and I sit them all down and tell them about the fact that monsters do exist! My dad arrives home, escorted by a bunch of secret agents and fellow zombie killers. They start to setup a perimeter of defense around my house so that the monsters can never get in.

I tell my uncle and aunt that they have to spend the night at my house and once the agents are done with my house, they will setup the defense perimeter at their house as well. So they will be safe and free from harm as any monster coming near would be killed in an instant and no one around will even know that this happened. In this way, my dad and I reassure my mom, sister, uncle & aunt and we have a quite dinner as a family group. Outside I can hear the agents doing their work and they will stay outside fixing the defenses until morning. My mom & sister go to sleep as do my uncle & aunt, who we have given the spare bedroom. My dad and I sit back in the living room drinking whiskey and watching some wrestling on tv while I also listen to my dad reminiscence about the old days and about when he first started killing demons & monsters.

That’s when I woke up suddenly…, I’ve been downloading Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes and watching them at night. That’s where this dream comes from!

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