My Roshan’s Eleven first 11 songs I listened to in the New Year has been a constant thing since 2007. This year however I split it between Jan 1st and today, Jan 2nd. Usually I post about the first 11 songs that I listen to on my Mp3 player on my system. I pick them at random or like today when I specifically selected a couple of songs because I was thinking about them. I must say that this year too, I played some songs from Youtube and some on Spotify. So a day late but here is 2023’s list:

  • Addicted To Pain – Alter Bridge
  • Cowgirl In The Sand – Neil Young
  • Lux Eterna – Metallica
  • Rolling 7s – Dirty Honey
  • Grind – Alice In Chains
  • Breaking Down – Skid Row
  • Pretty Fly For A White Guy – The Offspring
  • Blow At High Dough – The Tragically Hip
  • All Hell For A Basement – Big Sugar
  • The Final Countdown – Europe
  • Under Pressure – Queen with David Bowie

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