ROSHAN’S ELEVEN: Things I Least Like About Myself

The things I least like about myself:

  • I’m careless and lazy
  • I’m fat and it’s too easy to gain weight rather than losing it
  • I feel that I have wasted my life by making way too many wrongs choices in my youth
  • I get depressed very easily
  • I can get really fired up over something today and the next day it will be of little importance
  • Bad luck seems to cling like a fierce lover to me while money is a fickle dame
  • On top of my weight issues I am also not tall
  • I don’t have a very serious sounding voice. A leader’s voice, a commanding voice. That matters as you go up the ladder.
  • I give up on things way too easily
  • I always fall for the wrong girl/woman. The unattainable ones. As a result I am sexually frustrated, single and lonely.
  • I just think I was born wrong

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