Santa’s Indian Helper

Does your family celebrate with Santa Clause? Why or why not?

No. Why? They have other imaginary characters that they believe in and they don’t have time for no Santa.

Me? Nope. But I was Santa Clause once. Or rather I dressed up as Santa once upon a time. I was in the 8th grade so, 13 years old, and I was selected to dress up as Santa for December. This despite the fact that I had lost a lot of weight in the last year and a half. Well ok, I can do that. Dress up as Santa and have the pretty girls sit on my lap.

Anyways, I got the costume from the teachers and hat and a fake long white beard and mustache. And I went Ho! Ho! Ho! and stood in front of the whole school to give our sweets and chocolates. Ah, good times!


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