SCARIEST PLACES ON EARTH : Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy

The island of Poveglia is located between Venice and Lido, in the region of northern Italy. The island’s first recorded history dates back to 421 and, till date, whatever we know, whatever that is being told and researched about the place, has been all a big scary rollercoaster ride. Less than half a mile from the canals of Venice, Poveglia Island has served as a quarantine zone for bubonic plague victims, storage space for Napoleon’s weapons, and the site of an early 20th-century insane asylum. The asylum played host to horrific medical experiments, reports The Travel Channel, and finally closed for good when a doctor threw himself off the institution’s bell tower.

Poveglia Island is now permanently closed for any visitors, whether local or tourists. Now we all know Poveglia Island as one of the world’s most haunted places. So much so that the island is uninhabited and permanently closed for visitors. Imagine being sent to an island just to die. That was Poveglia Island for most people in Venice for a very long time. Back in 421, the island’s first ever residents found refuge on this island from the barbaric invaders. The island remained barely populated till the 14th century. Everything was smooth till the time, one after another, everyone left the island. And, when the Black Death or the Bubonic Plague of the 1300s came, the island became a convenient dumping ground for the infected, dead and dying. A quarantine colony if you will.

Tens of thousands of sick and dying were dumped here and were left to die. Obviously, there was no hope of coming back from there. It’s as if those who were sent here were fully aware of the fact that they were here to only die in agony. Both dead and the ones too sick to fight back were burned here. From the 1800s to the early part of the 1900s, the island was turned into a mental asylum – The Poveglia Asylum. Everybody knew that this place was for anything but rehabilitation. The resident doctor carried out strange and bizarre experiments on the patients, which caused a lot of deaths and irreversible damage to the patients. Sometime in the 1930s, the doctor himself turned mad and took his own life. Now it is claimed that the ghosts of those who perished during the Bubonic Plague, those perished in the mental asylum, and the ghost of the crazy doctor himself, reside in the island.

Until very recently, the Venetian government was trying to re-develop the island but things are just too dark on this island. No institution lasts long, no work can take place, unexplained incidents are way too much for anyone to make sense of. That’s why, today, the island stays closed for good. Apparently, even the local fishermen steer clear off the island. Something very sinister happened in the island and it took many lives with it, and continues to terrify people.

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