Scent Of A Woman?

Are scented candles too….you know, feminine?

I recently was given a couple of scented candles, that’s made by a big interior decoration company, as complimentary gifts. They smell…so nice. I want to light one up as I drift off to sleep or perhaps keep one in the toilet to, I dunno, give it a nice fragrance. And I’ve wanted to get these little thingys ever since I first saw them in movie or the tv.

But is it too girly? I’m afraid that after this will I start to have tendencies to wax my legs and do pedicure! Guys who read this, do you use scented candles or would you like to use them? I think they’re nice.

9 thoughts on “Scent Of A Woman?

  1. If you like it, why not? A fragrant candle doesn’t determine masculinity or femininity.

    Only don’t have it burning as you fall asleep…that’s a good way to burn your house down.

  2. Dave : Thanks a lot for the support buddy! :P

    Heather : I guess I will. Perhaps tonite after I come home from work.

    Guys, I just hope I don’t start watching chick flicks and crying “You go girl” at the tv!

  3. Hmm, I guess I will have to agree since I love the scent so much that I just have to light one this evening.

  4. I use scented candles at home all the time, and don’t believe that gender bias plays any part in that. I just like my home to smell nice! Nothing wrong with that! As the Nike slogan goes ‘Just do it!’

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