Sens Update : Long Overdue

This season I haven’t posted much about both my favourite teams – in football Arsenal FC & in hockey the Ottawa Senators. In the case of Arsenal it has been majorly only because of the fact that I don’t get the two major sports channels for India, Espn & Star Sports, because of the stupid, lazy ass cable company Asianet’s unwilling to pay for getting those channels. Hence I haven’t watched a single game either live or recorded because my incompetent cable tv provider prefers to just keep showing idiotic Indian channels that have rehashes of the same kind of serials that bore the heck out of most of us.

But in the case of the Senators I have still watched the highlights of every game they’ve played this season (just like the last 2 seasons) online on the NHL’s official Youtube channel. So no excuse there, even if I haven’t watched a single full match. I dunno why but I just missed posting on them as these past 6 months I’ve concentrated more on movie & tv series reviews. Anyway, time to catch up on them. After struggling with a lineup squad that was predicted by most critics & experts to finish last in the league. And to be fair Ottawa are in a time of rebuilding, having sold off most of their bigger name & higher salary players. Fans were told to expect 2 or 3 seasons of finishing towards the bottom of the league while younger players & lesser known players take the time to gel and shape up. And as the season started that’s where we were headed towards. 1 win in their first 6 games.

Then things picked up with a 5 wins in a row streak. Then they started losing again and then slowly started being more consistent. Now with 40 games played, the Senators find themselves in 6th place out in the East with 20 wins, 15 loses and 5 overtime loses and a total of 45 points! Jason Spezza has 14 goals & 26 assists, while captain Daniel Alfredsson has 12 goals & 16 assists. Milan Michalek has 19 goals while contributions have come in from Nick Foligno, Zack Smith & Colin Greening. The goalie situation is our weakest link still as both Alex Auld & Craig Anderson do not inspire the stuff of legends.

Will we win the Stanley Cup this year? No but we will reach the playoffs. We need to keep rebuilding and sign one or two high skill goal scorers, maybe a top defender and a solid no.1 goalie. Still it’s very interesting at this stage. GO SENS GO!

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