September 2020 VS September 2021

Compare this September to last September. You can compare what you did to what you’re doing, how you felt to how you’re feeling, or any aspect of the months that feel similar or dissimilar. 

Well, I am doing the same thing as I did last September. Remember, remember the 5th of September! Sorry for that little ditty. But yes mostly I was doing the same thing that I was doing last year. As a senior trainer for a large, multinational BPO, my main job is to focus on new hire training and ongoing training for the associates at our organization and for the client process that I work for. Last year I started training new hires from June (Hyderabad first and then Cochin) and with just a few gaps in between I did that till the end of November.

It was long hours per day and working a few hours on some Saturdays or Sundays because I also had to do admin work on the client tool, which only I have the admin access for. This needs me to be really careful and as it is very easy to mess up. It is the same thing that I am doing this September as well. However I have tried so far to not work those extra hours and it has worked so far. I was deputized to help out the Chennai office by remotely conducting three batches of 10 day training each in August & begining of September.

So August & September I have had some difference in the number of extra hours that I have worked. In that it is very minimum and I’d like to keep it that way. Next week I may have to work on a Saturday as well due to some silly reasons that the management can’t fix. That could happen maybe 2 or a maximum of 3 times before November end. I guess that is different.

Prompt from September Journal Prompts, Affirmations, and Journaling Printables at Carrie Elle Dot Com

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