Server Space Secured For 2009

About 10 minutes back, I renewed my website server space with Total Choice Hosting

for another year. I started this blog back on the evening of the 1st of January, 2007. I installed WordPress and ran my first couple of blog posts just before the stroke of midnite and sat back to admire the results.

Back then I didn’t know how long I would want to maintain my own domain & server space for my blog. Ok, the domain name is easier & not expensive at all to maintain. The server space is also not expensive; infact the rate of 700 MB for a year is quite reasonable. It’s the just the though of paying it at once – reasonable it may be but I just don’t make that much money to pay it all off at once. However, I also want to pay it and then not have to worry about it for a year.

watch 12 angry men online So I have renewed (although I had done it on the 1st of January when I first purchased this the renewal date is upto the 1st of Feb) and I am glad that it is done. My blog here will run for it’s 3 year as well. After that, we’ll see. I don’t know for how many years I will maintain this when I do have the choice of & options that are free of cost. But I just like having my very own website. As I am sure some of my favourite bloggers do too.

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