Setting Up A Guest Bedroom

Where I live now, it is a small apartment. We (as in my dad, mum and myself) live in a small 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. The 3rd bedroom is the common room which serves as a bit of storage, iron board, an almarah for storing clothes, a built in table that my dad uses to read or write, built-in cupboards and book shelf/library. So we don’t have place for a spare or guest bedroom. However in our old house we had 4 bedrooms with an insuite bathroom and a common room which served as my computer room and the library.

That meant we atleast had 1 bedroom that could serve as a guest bedroom and 2 when my sister moved out after getting married. If I ever did move to a house or a bigger apartment and had a guestroom, how will I decorate it or set it up? Well ofcourse a big bed is the first thing ofcourse. Depending on the size of the bedroom, a queen or a king sized bed. If it is a really big room then perhaps we would have two beds in it that are a big size. Just in case you have two guests who want their own space to sleep in.

What else? I think I would have a desk and a couple of chairs in it so they can sit and read or use their tab or laptop in relative comfort. Having some soaps, towels, new toothbrushes, toothpastes and deodorants is a good option. Maybe a brush and a comb. Hangers in the closet or cupboard for the guests to hang their clothes. If you are particular you can get them some soft slippers and bathrobes as well. Just make sure to have them cleaned after the guests leave.

If I had the money then yes, I would also have a small tv and or a desktop pc installed in the bedroom. Just in case. Maybe a small collection of books/novels and things to read. We used to be big on magazines and had several subscriptions for a long time but maybe some of them would be good as well. I guess that’s it.

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