Share Your Blogging Goals And Resolutions For The Year

Share your blogging goals and resolutions for the year.

What are my goals for this blog and blogging in general in 2024? Hmm good question. I will new renewing my webserver space that houses this blog on February 1st, which is when the amount is due. I will have to update the credit card information before then. I guess I will do that in the coming few days. So my first and main goal is to make more money off the website by getting more sponsored content. From late 2018 till mid 2021 I was getting a ton of opportunities and getting a lot of cash for it.

But they have dried up since then and whatever little I have gotten since then has been few and far between. I want to increase that so that I am getting about the same amount as my regular salary and I can afford to a few things on a regular basis. I remember at one time I was getting quite a nice chunk of change with which I did buy a few things that I needed and which were awesome purchases. But I could use more of it.

The other thing that I would like to do is to either create a new blog on the side or create more blog posts about the futuristic, scifi themed story that I came up with. I know I am very bad at getting the discipline to write about it but I just think that I should plan it out and do so. I will try.

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for January at The Frangipani Creative

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